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Photojournalism Prep
Details: - Starts: October 22nd and ends December 10th - Time: 2 pm to 5 pm - Runs: 8 Wednesdays Includes: - Stipend: $20 per week - Instructors: Professional Photojournalists from Corbis - Equipment: A Camera - Transportation: Tap Card

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jesus by chuma Inside Voices: PB Artist-in-Residence, Jesus Matias
Jesus Matias
(interviewed by James Giaquinto) I've been a part of the Painted Brain since I was 20 or 19...Read on
fan art for Bugk23609 Inside Voices: PB Artist-in-Residence, Bugk23609
(interview by James Giaquinto) JG: How long have you been at PB? BUG: I've been with the Painted B...Read on
amer by chuma close-up Inside Voices: PB Artist-in-Residence, Amer Azad
Amer Azad
(interview by James Giaquinto) “I've been with The Painted Brain approximately ten years. It’s ...Read on
claimsjournal.com Jury Duty, from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
One thing I've definitely had come to terms with is that I learn by doing things wrong the first tim...Read on
congressaurs In-side-out-side-In: CongressSaurs
Eli Israelian
Mental illness is the only disease that causes self-inflicted harm, suicide, self-identity theft, di...Read on
CAVA courtesy bigeducationape.blogspot.com The Anomalous Author
Prudence Snow
ONLINE SCHOOL? HELL YEAH! Picture it, August 2009. I’m eleven years old, and I’ve just fi...Read on
artists in residency The Painted Brain’s Artists-in-Residence program
James Giaquinto
The following is an interview with Dave Leon, LCSW founder/director of The Painted Brain, and Emily ...Read on
dave l by chuma Progress, from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
  As I rocket home to LA in a backward-facing seat on the Metrolink, I consider the parallels betw...Read on
courtesy fineartamerica.com The Anomalous Author: “DUDE, JUST FOR FINALS…”
Prudence Snow
  When it comes to school, there’s always time to stress. It mounts on you particularly at the e...Read on
aleta 1 Madness in Law and Policy #3
Tristan Scremin
On the role of those with personal experience providing mental health services: While there are man...Read on
photo courtesy of neosurrealism.artdigitaldesign.com The Anomalous Author: Rashes and Ragdolls
Prudence Snow
  Do you believe in paranormal activities? In witches, goblins, and elemental evil? I wouldn't say...Read on
Madness In Law and Policy #2
Tristan Scremin
The Vanishing Board-and-Cares of LA I speak to folks all the time about issues involving the mental...Read on
AMAZON.COM The Anomalous Author: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in a Mobile App?
Prudence Snow
  Anyone with mental illness knows that down moments come and go. Sometimes we feel depressed, ang...Read on
letting go of depression Letting Go of Depression, from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
  In a fascinating article in this week's New Yorker, The Trip Treatment, food critic Michael Poll...Read on
archive.wired.com The Anomalous Author: To whom it may concern
Prudence Snow
To whom it may concern (whoever you may be), I’m writing this to you because our love is irreplac...Read on
functional depression Functional Depression, from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
“Everything I do in my life, the furious amount of activity I propel myself into, is because at he...Read on
Art courtesy of trishakeiman.com The Anomalous Author: DOUBLE TROUBLE
Prudence Snow
It’s around three pm, and I have just finished jotting down the last equation in my Algebra II not...Read on
prayitoff.blogspot.com PRUDENT RESOLUTION 
Prudence Snow
Prudence: strongly considering consequences before actions Now that we are in January, the beginnin...Read on
Seasonal Affective Disorder Ho, Ho, Oh no! It’s The Holidays!
Prudence Snow
It’s the time for joy, holiday cheer, and jingle bells. People are with their families, sucking on...Read on
chuma fish Life Lesson Two: Cats, from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
While preparing for another day at the Painted Brain world headquarters in Koreatown, Los Angeles th...Read on
successcomgroup.com The Anomalous Author
Prudence Snow
INTENSE SENSES October 31, 2011. Halloween, the day that kids are supposed to dress in costume an...Read on
desktopnexus.com The Anomalous Author
Prudence Snow
CRAZY IS THE NEW BLACK “Hey, do you see that woman across the street with no bottoms on?” ...Read on
favim.com The Anomalous Author
Prudence Snow
MINGLING WITH MENTAL ILLNESS Dating is something that everybody will eventually do, whether you...Read on
Dave and the kitty Necessary Vulnerability, from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
I spend almost all my time helping people feel safe enough to allow themselves to feel vulnerable. T...Read on
Lake Merritt at Sunset Gratitude Day, Lake Merritt, from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
When I told our editor, Billy Bang Douglas, to have a happy Thanksgiving, he replied, "Happy Gratitu...Read on
sylvia plath The Anomalous Author
Prudence Snow
WRITERS: CRAZY OR CREATIVE? Writers, such as J.K. Rowling, Ernest Hemingway, and Sylvia Plath, ar...Read on
IMG_2674 Errors in Communication, from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
I'm not entirely sure why, but in one conversation I had in the past week, I started to think a lot ...Read on
homelessness The Anomalous Author: HOLIDAYS FOR THE HOMELESS
Prudence Snow
  It's around that time of year again, the time when we gather with family to celebrate the holida...Read on
black cat three Living Your Life, from Pb’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
"The act of curating one's own experience is a defining aspect of what it is to be human." - Emma B...Read on
Nancy The Anomalous Author
Prudence Snow
It Happened to Nancy   “I loved Nancy. I love her still, and hope you will not only love Nancy ...Read on
perfect mask Taking Off the Mask: an editorial
Billy Bang Douglas
Often, masks are about fear, whether hiding our own or inspiring it in others. For years, I wore ma...Read on
coffee pot Building a Community in a War Zone, from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
Sometimes when I think of the Painted Brain' mission, I begin thinking about NGO's and refugee camps...Read on
flickrhivemind.net The Suffering in Front of Us: an editorial
Billy Bang Douglas
Of the human suffering all around us each day, Tolstoy asks, “What then must we do?” We do some...Read on
courtesy of Ellen Hopkins.com The Anomalous Author
Prudence Snow
Perfect, by Ellen Hopkins   “Who lives inside your skin? The outside belongs to others. Only ...Read on
pb i.indd Life Lesson One: Don’t Expect to Get Paid to be a Radical, from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
Like many of the lessons I plan to discuss in this column, this one had to be learned the hard way, ...Read on
fish plural.i How to Be a Radical without Getting Hurt in the Process: from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
The Painted Brain has grown far beyond my wildest dreams. Last year, we ran nearly twenty art groups...Read on
parentchild The Anomalous Author
Prudence Snow
  MERIT OF THE PARENT Parent: a term used to describe a person who tries to rule over all your ...Read on
bBd jaws A Thicker Skin: an editorial
Billy Bang Douglas
Every society, whether animal or human, seeks to create a safe place for its youngest members to dev...Read on
httpwww.clipartpanda.comcategoriespuberty-20clipart The Anomalous Author
Prudence Snow
Puberty Puberty: A time of complete confusion, painful periods (female), and mighty mood swings (...Read on
httpwww.mindsparke.combrain-training-blogtagsneurogenesis The Anomalous Author
Prudence Snow
  Ambitious Due to Illness My name is Prudence, and I have mental illness. When I first got sic...Read on
The Doctor, The Girl and Death by Ivo Saliger 1920 An Unfortunate Adventure in Health Care
Billy Bang Douglas
The Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has provided medical coverage for many Amer...Read on
www.jaildiversion.com Jail Diversion and How We Can Make It a Reality in Los Angeles 
Tristan Scremin
Now more than ever Angelenos are discovering the net of thorns that is the LA County Jail and its us...Read on
rainbow Mental Illness is Not Illness, from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
"A shared language does not imply a shared viewpoint but allows for a certain kind of conversation."...Read on
image courtesy of www.cbsnews.com Laura’s Law: An editorial from PB’s founder/director, Dave Leon
Dave Leon
Ideas like AB1421 (or Laura's Law as it's come to be known) always make me wish that I could just ha...Read on
image courtesy of www.oneillinstituteblog.org From the Editor’s Desk
Billy Bang Douglas
On July 8th, 2014 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted in favor of implementing AB1421, also...Read on
inside-the-brain.com Medical Marijuana: An editorial perspective
Billy Bang Douglas
My lifelong use of drugs began at age of twelve with the simultaneous discovery of alcohol and marij...Read on
winged victory of samothrace image courtesy allairports Surrender: An Editorial
Billy Bang Douglas
Standing in line at the supermarket, a young couple fusses and complains about the long check-out li...Read on
Arizona Lightning by Ryan Hertz A Break in the Clouds: an editorial
Billy Bang Douglas
After twenty years of heroin addiction, I was facing five years in prison. I chose to detox and do s...Read on
fuckthe Fuck The Mentally Ill
April 14th 2014: Somewhere in the Land of the Fruits and Nuts! Sometimes I wonder how the general p...Read on
3402595_G The Vanity of Fear
PB Editorial Board
From: The Editors of the Painted Brain To: Whom it should concern       So many times we have...Read on
PBCalexico Painted Brain takes Calexico
Dave Leon
     No, not the band Calexico, with it's subtle mix of country and indie rock, we're talking abo...Read on
Riot LA pic Riot L.A. Returns!
Julianna Caiazzo
The 3rd annual Riot L.A. alternative comedy festival returned to downtown Los Angeles this past week...Read on
david-carr David Carr, journalist, author and recovering addict, dies at 58
Dave Leon
Redemption David Carr, media reporter, author, and sometime mascot of the New York Times, died in h...Read on
fineartamerica.com Identical: a book review
Prudence Snow
The Anomalous Author “Sometimes I wish Raeanne and I were closer, like two peas in a pod.” - Ka...Read on
2010 tattoo silversteiin jared hindman Gurgling (an Experience of Therapy)
Mesquite Tungate
Like a mountain spring bubbles and gurgles Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle Breath in, Breath out Breath in, ...Read on
image courtesy of fox searchlight pictures Film Review: Never Let Me Go mirrors animal exploitation
Jon Hochschartner
Never Let Me Go, a sorely seldom-seen film released in 2010, can easily be read as an allegory for t...Read on
 Photo courtesy of goodreads.com DON’T DIE, MY LOVE: a review
Prudence Snow
“Give Dr. Kessler a message for me. Tell him I don’t wanna die.” - Luke Muldenhower, from Don...Read on
flawed Book Review: Flawed, by Kate Avelynn
Prudence Snow
“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”- Sarah O'Brien, Flawed Flawed by Kate Avelynn is a most...Read on
Beautiful Creatures Lovely Creatures, Live at the Painted Brain Open House
Dave Leon
Painted Brain's former intern, Malia Javier-Fontecchio, and her husband, Kane rocked our little worl...Read on
worth1000.com A mask is worn every day
Asaf Ben-Efraim
A mask is worn every day, Bound to the face like words to a page, All of these words, ones we do n...Read on
slendermanfinal Slenderman and Creepypasta
Do you like to creep yourself out? Does a slasher movie get your adrenaline peaking and your skin cr...Read on
Dave L the village review The Village
Dave Leon
A group-written play by Imagination Workshop I had the pleasure of attending a recent performance a...Read on
PB art 1980 1-1 Two Poems by Asaf Ben-Efraim
Asaf Ben-Efraim
untitled (1) Much like a penny tossed into a well, Without a splash, without a sound, Look deep i...Read on
autumn-leaves-pearlsofprofundity The Trials of Autumn: a collection of original poetry
by the editorial staff
Morning by Billy Bang Douglas In the sculptor's hand her chisel waits patiently for the stone to ...Read on
Buy3XspIAAEBfkQ Some Thoughts on Robin Williams
Dave Leon
The death of Robin Williams came to us during our editorial/business meeting at The Painted Brain ye...Read on
DSDQ img “Demon-Slaying Drag Queens” at The Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014
Billy Bang Douglas
While "Demon-Slaying Drag Queens" is intelligent, engaging and funny, what really makes its heart be...Read on
Matt Damon and Brendan Fraser in School Ties, Paramount Studios 1992 Movie Review: School Ties
Leonard Lang
Matt Damon has made a large number of culturally significant and financially successful films throug...Read on
IMG_0791 A Night of Verse, Art, and Lyrics at The Lyric Theater
Tristan Scremin
For those who do not yet know, on Saturday April 26th from seven pm till the sexy stroke of midnight...Read on
Vortex-Poster-WEB ArtSick in Malibu
James Giaquinto
The arts are dying in our own backyard. In the community known for housing our most revered artists,...Read on
IMG_2106 The Painted Brain Plays Elsa’s Bakery
Dave Leon
On a balmy and beautiful LA evening in March, the Painted Brain players took over the gloriously ref...Read on
www.rand.org King v. Burwell Could Decide the Fate of Obamacare
Emily Harris
King V. Burwell is an open case before the Supreme Court over the language used in a particular ...Read on
image courtesy of Jovenes, Inc. One young man’s experience: Jovenes, Inc.
Leo Collier Jr.
I remember clearly when the idea of the Jovenes internship presented itself to me. The summer day wa...Read on
image courtesy of yogibhajan.org An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga (1)
Patty Wildassin
So the story goes something like this. Yogi Bhajan left India in the fall of 1968 with a plan...Read on
artwalk jesus Artwalk Los Angeles
Jesus Matias
My name is Jesus Matias and I am a Painted Brain photographer. The reason why I went to Downtown Ar...Read on
1417569_10152685557546700_2114535004160940253_o Travelogue: Agog in Iceland
Denesa Chan
(excerpt from Facebook) I've found my rhythm here. When the clouds part, I shoot around the clock. ...Read on
ashley meltzine 002 zineMelt! a review
Julianna Caiazzo
Part of my role as a social work intern at The Painted Brain is finding ways to incorporate our smal...Read on
Photo courtesy of New York Times A Most Violent Year?
Chaya Himelfarb
It is ironic that at a time when crime is at a historic low, prevailing headlines have many believin...Read on
Mad at News by James GQ Mad at the News
James Giaquinto
The last thing that really pissed me off was the news trying to convince me that all of the election...Read on
foxvalleylabornews Featured blog of the week: New York, No Indictment
Rob Van Gessel
They always say it's next to impossible to indict a cop, and they kid us NOT. This morning Joe Scarb...Read on
IMG_0266 One Man’s Crash is Another Man’s Pleasure
Emily Harris
While perusing Facebook, I came across a powerful response to an issue that too many of us take part...Read on
chaya h Rikers New York’s Jail Reforms Highlight Urgent Need for Restructuring
Chaya Himelfarb
Situated on New York City’s East River between Queens and the Bronx, Rikers Island has maintained ...Read on
hi Ello and the Social Network
I had an interesting experience on Facebook recently. I don't provide Facebook with much accurate pe...Read on
www.zienn.nl How Housing First Works
Seth Amitin
Think of it this way: you're homeless. You have two options: One, get treatment for your issues for ...Read on
secret-trig “Clean Time” vs “Recovery”
Naomi Barrett
Um, yeah, semantics & representative terminology: “Clean time” = time past since last inges...Read on
LAProtestCopCar Unrest in LA after Multiple Incidents of Police Brutality
Malia J. Fontecchio
LA citizens took to the streets last night to protest the LAPD’s brutality over the past few weeks...Read on
31skidrow.xlarge1-300x175 Can Laura’s Law Actually Help San Francisco’s Homeless?
Chaya Himelfarb
Tucked away in the San Francisco County Board of Supervisor’s June 23rd resolution, which added se...Read on
facebook_privacy_070628_mn TERMS OF abUSE
Have you ever read the Terms of Use on Google + or Facebook? If you answered no, you’re amongst th...Read on
chihuahuaNegra Stray in LA
James Giaquinto
What would our pets do without us? These creatures are our responsibility in a way that is far more ...Read on
image courtesy of thinkprogress.org Laura’s Law Punishes the Victims of Police Brutality
Malia J. Fontecchio
Laura’s Law or Assembly Bill 1421 was created after Kelly Thomas, an individual suffering from sch...Read on
wethepeople The Service Area Advisory Committee Hosts the County Board of Supervisors Candidates for the Third District.
Tristan Scremin
I have been a voting member of the SAAC 5 since October and have been on the executive committee sin...Read on
Dead or alive LA’s Homeless
James Giaquinto
In this picture is a man sleeping on the street. He has been there, off and on, for weeks. It is a r...Read on
IMG_0183 BACUP’S Art Corner with Juan Burgueño Jr.
Miguel Alcantar
Have you ever felt the need to go someplace where you can express yourself artistically; somewhere w...Read on
IMG_0791 A Night of Verse, Art, and Lyrics at The Lyric Theater
Tristan Scremin
For those who do not yet know, on Saturday April 26th from seven pm till the sexy stroke of midnight...Read on
fort hood Notes on the Recent Shooting at Fort Hood
Chaya Himelfarb
In the middle of the afternoon on April 2nd, Army Specialist Ivan Lopez entered Fort Hood where his ...Read on
IMG_20140326_120645-1 Prison is No Treatment
James Giaquinto
PART I - COURTROOM MATH IS THE MOST CONFUSING OF ALL When I met M, I also met his artwork, whose re...Read on
Miguel Alcantar
Today I feel like I’ve found freedom. Today is such a blessing; to know that I have progressed to ...Read on
shadow Affirmatively, Yours Truly
Inthava Buonpraseuth
As I humbly finish my penultimate quarter of graduate school, I realize how fortunate I have been th...Read on
Miguel copy Life After Lockdown Facility, Part One
Miguel Alcantar
I’m inside the van, I’m looking at my phone and I see tall buildings by the freeway, I’m excit...Read on
Mental Health
image courtesy of trafford publishing Abnormal Logic, Normal Logic, and True Logic
Aaron Samuel Wallman
In the 18th century the Scottish classical philosopher, David Hume made a classical analysis of how ...Read on
CopsGunsDrawn Los Angeles Police Shoot & Kill Mentally-Ill Homeless Man
Malia Javier Fontecchio
Last Sunday four police officers surrounded a mentally-ill homeless black man known as “Africa” ...Read on
madness Network News
History and Art of the Consumer/Survivor Movement: A Webinar
Dave Leon
As we move forward in our attempt to change the landscape for those currently living with mental ill...Read on
tree of values by david Redefining Mental Illness
Kazuhito Naruse
Diagnosis-centered versus situational approaches to therapy http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/18/opini...Read on
wonderfully engrossing drawing by Lindsay Laura’s Law: an overview
Chaya Himelfarb
Background On January 10, 2001, Scott Thorpe went on a shooting rampage in Nevada City, California,...Read on
Yes ICANhands Yes, ICAN
James Giaquinto
I want to tell you about my experience on February 11, 2015. On this day, some of the members of The...Read on
IMG_0028 Darkness is everywhere, and light
Samuel Brown
January 31, 2015 Darkness is everywhere. As we grow into adults we learn that the simple lessons we...Read on
image courtesy of www.kmbc.com What Is Obamacare Doing for Mental Health?
Emily Harris
So, we’re all familiar with Obamacare by now, but what is the Affordable Care Act really claiming ...Read on
Aaron Samuel Wallman A Schizophrenic’s Search for Logic
Seth Amitin
Aaron Samuel Wallman, a 57-year-old author from Los Angeles who spent his youth in Yucca Valley, hea...Read on
tristan, bob the hat, doralee bridges Madness in Law and Public Policy #1
Tristan Scremin
Jail Diversion as an Emerging Reality I spent time in LA County Jail in the mid 1990’s. It was qu...Read on
hard walk Hard Walk
James Giaquinto
Nov 26 2014 - Here’s what’s happening with me right now. I want to go for a walk around the bloc...Read on
Reba Stevens by Ashley “There should be nothing about us without us”
Reba Stevens
"As far back as I can remember I always believed there was something wrong with me. I come from a la...Read on
jackie lacey District Attorney, Jackie Lacey Talks About Jail Diversion in LA
Dave Leon
On an excessively-rainy December morning, the LA County District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, spoke at a ...Read on
Multiple Personalities by Kelsey M. Niziolek 2 “Do you think this personality matches my outfit?”
Tequila Mockingbird
A hallmark of BPD (borderline personality disorder) is not having a stable sense of self. We’re ov...Read on
Darkness Behind Bars Jail Diversion As A Life Changer
Tristan Scremin
I am a person with schizophrenia. I spent seven months in LA County Jail and four years at Patton St...Read on
nami article 2 NAMI Walk 2014
James Giaquinto
If you weren't there, you missed out. More than 400 supporters and clients of the mental health indu...Read on
jack-of-all-traits Mental Illness: Fun?
Jack of All Traits
Having mental illness can be very entertaining. In the winter of 2010, not so much. This state of mi...Read on
Photo by Danielle Peterson Statesman Journal The Legacy of Mental Health in Art
The experience of attending the California Memorial Project's Remembrance Day Ceremony on September ...Read on
Image by Jennifer Mathis Mental Illness: Synergy, Stigma and Culture
Emily Harris
The “nature versus nurture” debate is a longstanding one within the field of psychology. Profess...Read on
image Bullet Point of View
James Giaquinto
Age 12. I’ve never told this story before. I wouldn’t even know how to begin if you didn’t as...Read on
LACHPAltercationWPinnock LA Times Mental Illness is Not a Crime
Malia J. Fontecchio
Marlene Pinnock was walking on the 10 freeway when an LA CHP officer threw her to the ground and pun...Read on
Crosses bear the names of the Newtown, Conn., shooting victims in Sandy Hook village. Voluntary mental health services will deliver better outcomes
E. Vega/C. Blakemore
(reprinted with kind permission from the San Francisco Chronicle) We all want to identify the reaso...Read on
image courtesy of www.businessinsurance.com Bazelon Center’s Position Statement on Involuntary Commitment
Bazelon Center
The United States Supreme Court has termed involuntary civil commitment to a psychiatric hospital "a...Read on
SF Chronicle Laura's Law Laura’s Law passes easily in S.F. supervisors’ vote
Marisa Lagos
(reprinted with kind permission from the San Francisco Chronicle) After years of debate, the San Fr...Read on
Orange County Board of Supervisors San Francisco County Poised to Pass Court-Mandated Outpatient Treatment
Chaya Himelfarb
Background On January 10, 2001, Scott Thorpe went on a shooting rampage in Nevada City, California,...Read on
High school Speaking Out Against Stigma
Chaya Himelfarb
There are two basic axioms for most high school students living with a mental illness: (1) psychiatr...Read on
moodle.digitalcampus Column Three
Inthava Bounpraseuth
I no longer feel embarrassed about discussing my history with anxiety, depression, mood dysregulatio...Read on
Art as Medicine image file Art As Medicine
Tristan Scremin
As an adult, I was first introduced to making art while I was at a three-day psychiatric hospitaliza...Read on
dope Perspectives on Addiction
Chaya Himelfarb
Although formally recognized by the medical community as a disease and classified as a mental illnes...Read on
pakibuz Creative Minds Reception
Miguel Alcantar
On Wednesday, May 21st I attended UCLA’s campus in order to be on a speakers panel. With me were o...Read on
DA-Lacey.05.2013a Jackie Lacey: A Beacon Of Hope for the Mental Health Population Trapped in the Criminal System
Tristan Scremin
The “tough on crime” mentality of the 80s, 90s and 2000s swept tens of thousands of small time o...Read on
Experiments in Antidepressants
Chaya Himelfarb
Several weeks ago I returned to the hallowed steps of the scientific method and embarked on my own e...Read on
tristan photo A Shift in Focus
Tristan Scremin
I recently attended the eighth annual Connections for Life conference here in Los Angeles. The event...Read on
new shit Advances in Mental Health Care Can Take A Different Road
Billy Bang Douglas
The recently-signed Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 contains Section 223, or Demonstration...Read on
bangalore Home-Based Care in Treating Schizophrenia
Chaya Himelfarb
It should be common sense that holistic approaches to anything from healthcare to foreign policy off...Read on
unnamed The Recovering Brain
Meridith Allison
 I first attended a Project Return group five years ago right after suffering a nervous breakdown. ...Read on
photo Life After Lockdown Facility Part Three
Miguel Alcantar
As this series continues I continue to reflect about my freedom… Interesting has been my adaptati...Read on
brain-mediabytes Undercover MI
March 27th, Time: 1:33 PM How to clean the backyard without tracking the dirt inside your house? ...Read on
Shulamith Firestone by Joanna Neborsky-1 Beyond Marx and Biology
Billy Bang Douglas
In 2012, an obituary appeared in the New York Times: Canadian-born radical feminist Shulamith Firest...Read on
cross campus pasadena Nationwide Low­Cost “Ultra­High Speed” Internet : An Idea Whose Time Has Come?
Kazuhito Naruse
An​  ​article appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune about a venue that opened rec...Read on
Bridging the Digital Divide courtesy of eduspire The Digital Divide and Mental Health (2): Closing the Digital Divide
Kazuhito Naruse
Technology has often been blamed for our increasing sense of alienation and isolation, both from one...Read on
Bridging the Digital Divide courtesy of eduspire The Digital Divide and Mental Health (1)
Kazuhito Naruse
A digital divide is an economic and social inequality according to categories of persons in a given ...Read on
chaya h rat The Fruits of Aerobic Respiration
Chaya Himelfarb
By the time we reach full maturity, our bodies contain, on average, 75 trillion cells, which share a...Read on
BRAIN initiative Neuroscience Project Seeks to Map the Entire Human Brain
Chaya Himelfarb
Despite its profound responsibility in shaping our individual identities and making our daily lives ...Read on
variations in brain surfaces A Window into the Mind of a Twenty-something
Chaya Himelfarb
We’ve been called a lot of names over the past few years. Some of us have been referred to as “b...Read on
Stop the Violence by Robert Francois Schizophrenia, Violence and Aggression
Billy Bang Douglas
In the minds of many people, schizophrenia is inextricably linked to violent behavior. Published stu...Read on
IPCF Digital Medicine (Medibyte)
Imagine living in a world where everything is simplified through digital technology; stop imagining ...Read on
Psychosis of Creation artwork by Colleen D. Gjefle Psychotic or Psychopathic? Some Popular Misperceptions
Billy Bang Douglas
In the popular media, we often hear the clinical terms “psychotic” and “psychopathic” used a...Read on