Realizing and accepting the fact that you need help is huge. It’s a big step toward unraveling the inner workings of your mind and taking care of yourself. If you find yourself taking this step, you’re already on the right track toward healing.

But, we’re in quarantine. And you might be asking yourself, “Is therapy even possible right now?”’

There are plenty of online mental health resources out there waiting for you.

Here are just five resources that you can access now:

Inclusive Therapists

  • Looking for a clinician that gets you and accepts you right from the start? Then definitely give Inclusive Therapists a shot. They promote “a safer, simpler way to find care.” To match yourself with a therapist, you include a keyword and ZIP code and also have the opportunity to include more information so that you can find a therapist that embraces your identity. Plus, they are offering reduced-fee therapy.

Latinx Therapy

  • Not only is online therapy available, but you can also receive a free consultation. Latinx Therapy also has courses, workshops, wellness resources, and a podcast readily available to you. Get information on recommended books, dive into their podcast with episodes about “La Cultura and Codependency” and much more, and learn about important YouTube channels to follow.

Black Virtual Wellness Directory

  • Created by the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM), the Black Virtual Wellness Directory includes resources that are all virtual. What’s great about this resource is that their directory is not limited to therapists only. Within the Black Virtual Wellness Directory, you can find a yoga teacher, mediator, and so much more.

Melanin & Mental Health

  • For Melanin & Mental Health, their top priorities are to help BIPOC communities achieve growth and healing and to help you find a clinician that is 100% culturally competent. To Melanin & Mental Health, it is crucial for them to raise awareness and show just exactly how mental health affects people of color. Search their directory to find a culturally competent therapist that is completely and virtually available to you. On top of that, take some time to listen to their amazing podcast, Between Sessions. Episodes include topics such as “I Went to Therapy & I’m Still Struggling: Is that Normal?” and “Self-Care During a Revolution.

Pride Counseling 

  • If you are struggling with mental health issues, your identity, or simply looking for someone to listen to you, look no further than Pride Counseling. For Pride Counseling, it is absolutely necessary to support and empower the LGBTQI+ community, which is why they provide discreet, affordable, convenient, and professional online counseling for the entire community. Their hope is to make help available and accept everyone. You can choose to chat with a mental health professional either by phone, video, or through message. You can either check out their website to get started or download their app to get help today.

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