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Painted Brain | Lovely Creatures, Live At The Painted Brain Open House
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • November 26, 2014

Lovely Creatures, Live at the Painted Brain Open House

Painted Brain’s former intern, Malia Javier-Fontecchio, and her husband, Kane rocked our little world with one of their first-ever live performances as Lovely Creatures. Kane took more than 45 minutes to set up their stage show, and people were starting to lose interest, look at each other questioningly, and comment on how late it was, but it was entirely worth the wait. From the first few notes, it became clear to the remaining audience that this was a band worth waiting for. They rocked. Along with Kane’s fancy footwork on the lighting system that they brought and set up together, the band rolled through a half dozen songs. Beautiful Creatures is a perfect balance of Malia’s simple, hard hitting, insanely-precise drumming and Kane’s wild, edgy, nearly-running-off-the-rails guitar shred-ness, combining feral energy with genius precision. It was the perfect ending to our Open House on October 22nd.

A little bit about the prelude to this onslaught…It was about time, we needed an Open House so that we could demonstrate our project and our work to the local mental health community, eat some snacks en masse, and listen to some interesting music and ideas. The night came off like a breeze under the fine leadership of our outgoing social work intern, Mimi Watanabe. Highlights of the evening, leading up to Lovely Creatures, included live poetry, sushi treats, and a fine and lovely performance from Banana Hammock, a rock band from Anaheim that last surfaced at a Painted Brain party more than 4 years ago. They were awesome and delivered a powerful, aggressive, intelligent message about acceptance, mental health, and rock and roll. It was truly a night to remember.

Dave Leon is the director and founder of The Painted Brain



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