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Painted Brain | The Painted Brain’s Artists-in-residence Program
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • April 1, 2015

The Painted Brain’s Artists-in-Residence program

The following is an interview with Dave Leon, LCSW founder/director of The Painted Brain, and Emily Harris, USC MSW candidate and Painted Brain intern

What is so different about this program as opposed to the usual type of support we offer all PB artists?

Dave: We have never offered a residency or direct support for producing work for our shows in the past, this is new territory, and hopefully only the beginning.

Emily: This is the first time that we are sponsoring artists so that they can enhance their art work and produce better, more elaborate pieces. We are offering financial support and the security of knowing that they are not just being asked to produce art without knowing if any of it will sell. We are giving them $100 a month for three months and they don’t have to worry if they will sell a piece or not.

What will you be doing to support these artists?

Dave: We are offering financial support of $300 over three months, as well as support in purchasing some materials, and, as needed, providing space for artists to do their work. In the case of our photographer, we are attempting to connect her with a mentor from Corbis. We will be meeting with the artists at least once a month for check in and support.

Emily: I will be handling the logistics that the artists get paid. Our entire staff is dedicated to the success of this new program. The artist residents will get all the help they need to create works of art that impress and communicate this show’s theme, which is Inside Voices.

How did you select these artists?

Dave: Our development team identified the project as one to fund, and then we selected the artists based on the board’s knowledge of their work, potential, and history with the project. We also offered it to a sixth person who turned the offer down.

Emily: During the development meeting, we discussed all the candidates. On top of talent, we looked at reliability, consistency, involvement, participation, work, and work ethic.

What made you choose Monk Space for this event?

Dave: We actually had put a deposit on Monk Space last year and it was still valid. It is a great multipurpose space with a lot of potential, and it is within our price range.

Emily: It was an easy choice that met all of our needs. It seemed like a unique space and we are a unique organization, so it was perfect fit.

What would you like people to know about this event?

Dave: As the Painted Brain grows and develops, we look for new and expanding ways to support artists in their work. The development of this residency demonstrates our growth, offering this type of financial support would not have been possible even a year ago.

Emily: This is a perfect showcase of who we are as an organization. We are putting our most talented members at the forefront of the show, the epitome of who we are.

Name: James Giaquinto. What does he do? A long and winding road has led James to Painted Brain where his talents as a musician, artist, and writer are utilized for this awesome and involved community of artists, and he is a frequent contributor to Painted Brain News.

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