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Painted Brain | A Letter To The Editor: Let’s Get Out There And Vote!
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • November 2, 2016

A Letter to the Editor: Let’s get out there and vote!

I was lucky enough to receive a higher education where I studied the Philosophy of Feminism and other classes of the sort. Two books that resonated deeply within my being were, The Beauty Myth and Second Sex. In the news of late we as women see an exaggeration of the sexism that has lived and continues to keep women in a diminished existence in comparison to our equal brothers. There has been a silent war on women’s bodies, hearts, minds, and souls in order to keep men in power and continue the status quo. We now for the first time in history may witness a woman take the role of the president of the US. This is a monumental step but unfortunately with every step women take forward there is an almost equal backlash from those who want to continue there power and dominance. This election is not just about public policy, small vs big govt, tax cuts, infrastructure, national debt, even war abroad and domestically.
To all my fellow millennials this is probably the most important election where we can stand tall and have a voice that says yes we deserve human decency, yes we deserve respect, yes we deserve a world that is safe for women.
Soooo… I hope you get out there and vote!

“Let’s be shameless. Be greedy. Pursue pleasure. Avoid pain. Wear and touch and eat and drink what we feel like. Tolerate other women’s choices. Seek out the sex we want and fight fiercely against the sex we do not want. Choose our own causes And once we break through and change the rules so our sense of our own beauty cannot be shaken, sing that beauty and dress it up and flaunt it and revel in it.”
Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth

Rachel Margolis is a member of The Painted Brain.

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