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Painted Brain | Feeling Wanted And Feeling Like You Belong: Mental Health
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • January 13, 2016

feeling wanted and feeling like you belong: mental health

How important is it for you to feel like you are accepted?

Or to feel like you belong?

Don’t we all need that?

It may be difficult to understand how Painted Brain plays a vital role in the mental health community. After all, most mental health organizations provide individual therapy or prescribe medicine, right?

So how is the community at Painted Brain truly helping and even treating people with mental illness if we are not providing therapy?
Let us tell you…

Feeling wanted and feeling like you belong

are basic human needs.

We all want to feel accepted and like we belong, otherwise we feel alone and maybe even ashamed of who we are. Adults with mental illness deal with being judged all the time.

People with mental illness often feel ashamed of who they

are, even though they cannot help but be themselves.

Could you imagine living this way? Knowing that most of society doesn’t understand or accept you?

Painted Brain plays a vital role in the mental health

community by providing a space of understanding

and acceptance for people living with mental illness.

We provide a space where people can freely be who they are. On top of that, we allow them to be the ARTIST that they are.

They want to draw or paint? Great!
Create cartoons? Awesome!
They want to code and learn how to create a website? More than welcome!

There is room for every artist here who has ever struggled with mental health issues. Painted Brain gives them a place to belong and a place to feel wanted and needed.

Painted Brain might not provide traditional “treatment” for

mental illness, but it provides fulfillment of one of our

basic humans needs – the need to feel accepted.

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