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Painted Brain | Illness? An Editorial
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • October 18, 2016

ILLNESS? an editorial

 All suffering knocks us. All suffering is mental; the body is part of the mind. Suffering requires a teacher, someone who has been over this way. Somebody who knows the road and the cafés and the people who know.

And suffering requires loneliness; it requires the road trip out to get new information. And it requires the closed garage, that little room at the far end of the cul de sac, where the tools are hung, the room where the moon barely leaks through its abbreviated window. Suffering requires that we go out to the garage to breathe. And close that huge door.

Suffering requires that we sit on the step and hold our head in our hands and remember who we are, why we did not–in that utter loss, that confusion–we did not quit before. We must breathe in the rustiness of history.

We must remember those who suffered and died giving and nurturing, giving and nurturing. Nurturing is not a bad thing; it must be done by those who are brave and willing, who have themselves been taught and nurtured. It is a hard thing, a learned thing, a wise thing, to carry the stuff of people.

The inner sanctum must be melting to gold as we heft our bodies from our knees to turn upstairs. Revolution, mental health, is done by those who are not afraid to be alone or to be everywhere in crowds.

Jane Engleman is a poet, writer, artist, and valued member of Painted Brain. This is her first appearance in Painted Brain News.

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