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Painted Brain | Inside Voices: Pb Artist-in-residence – Ashley Cherry
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • April 15, 2015

Inside Voices: PB Artist-in-Residence – Ashley Cherry

(interview by James Giaquinto)

“I started at The Painted Brain in October when they sponsored the photojournalism course which was October 22, 2014. I was very grateful. The experience of being part of the photography course really opened up insight. It helped me gain more passion which was something through a lot of my own personal struggles that I lost. So, being able to capture moments and see the effects of it really brought me back to life.”

“My art is complex. I do more on the physical side of things. I’m more athletic. I can play basketball. I’m a very hands-on type of person. I really have a passion for sports, even fighting, which, depending on how you do it, it can be destructive, but in a constructive way, I’m good at it. So that was my art. Photography was a hidden one, actually. I really didn’t tap into that, honestly, until this class came. So that just added onto the arsenal of different things. At the gallery, what you will see will be strictly photos. What I plan on doing is capturing intensity and passion in all the photos. I want to make sure every photo I deliver, you won’t have to guess what’s going on. It will be obvious to the eye. You can see that I want to capture a lot of emotion in my pictures.”

“As an artist, The Painted Brain has offered me a place of belonging. I feel that I’m not being judged. Out of all the things that I was being judged for, the Painted Brain gave me this one thing that is admirable. So, when people judge me, they have a guideline to judge me now. It’s a bar that is set up there by Painted Brain where it’s like, “Okay, she’s a photographer.” That right there gives me confidence. That gives me pride. It gives me a lot of pride.”

“Inside Voices means a lot of things to me. When I think about shooting a picture, I think about pregnancies, I think about people sleeping, I think about people meditating. Once again, capturing a lot of emotion where there’s tears, where there’s excitement, even if it’s a fish inside of a glass. It still communicates. As long as it communicates to the outside people. As long as it reaches out, it has a type of projection to it, whether that’s emotion or some type of physical reaction. My main thing is to just project it. Anything that is feelings, I want that projected, or if it is something physically inside, I want you to be able to see that it’s physically, like, inside, like a pregnancy or a fish inside of a pot. You can physically see that it’s inside.”

“This experience is new to me, I’ve never been in an art show. I’d like to get the opinions and views of other people, different classes, different races. Just to get the feedback. I’m going to make a story line about it. I think I might snap pictures that have a story behind it. If you really look at the pictures, it might be able to give you an idea of who I am. It’s going to project a lot of character in the pictures, a lot of beauty. You’ll be able to catch some pain in there too. You’ll be able to catch different feelings. I think that my pictures will arouse a lot of feelings for the outside person. Like Inside Voices, you don’t necessarily know exactly what was going on. But I think the picture will be able to project a lot of itself because of your response to it. That’s my main thing. I want my audience to somehow respond to my pictures and I want the pictures to project a response in the audience. So, wish me luck.

Inside Voices, an exhibition of original art by Painted Brain artists-in-residency Amer Azad, Lawrence Rozner, Bugk23609, Tristan Scremin, Jesus Matias and Ashley Cherry will be held on May 9th, 2015 @ 7pm

Monkspace, 4414 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90004

While admission is free, all donations will be met with undying gratitude.

Food and live music will be part of the festivities, so plan to arrive early and stay late.

For more info:

Ashley Cherry is a staff photographer at Painted Brain News and a graduate of the Corbis/Painted Brain Photojournalism internship program.

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