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Painted Brain | It’s Important To Feel Good About What I Have
Dawn discusses self acceptance and self stigmatization
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  • January 30, 2017

It’s Important to Feel Good About What I Have

I know that it is important for me to feel good about what I have. If I try to compare myself to others I often feel very sad because my situation is very different and I find that I feel worse.

I know that many people work or volunteer. I personally feel that I contribute as a consumer/member of the Painted Brain newspaper and that would be an appropriate definition. I know many people do not rely on their families for financial support. I know that many people are able to commute by taking the bus or driving. Well, I take cabs, usually Beverly Hills  Cab.

My family really thought that with the proper education, I could eventually have a career. I really didn’t think I could because I needed to focus on my emotional stability.

It is true that I can interact with the public in terms of being patient in a medical waiting room, when I go to the hair salon or pharmacy for lip or brow waxing, or to pick up prescriptions. I also go to the bank to get cash and quarters for the laundry. It does save money if I order my water and cigarettes from an online delivery service and food from a restaurant. I know how to be kind but I need to save money because I don’t have that much and the cab fare just to get cigarettes and water or to a restaurant is more than the delivery fee.


Dawn is a columnist for Painted Brain News

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