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Painted Brain | A Hexadic Hymnal
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • December 13, 2015

A Hexadic Hymnal


As a writer the only audience is a blank page,
add the quill and you get the rest.
May the myopic eye always see who you are and may
the ink always dry in your favor with a heart in print that
tells the world you are finally on the same page.

Daniel William Concharty

There is a Tree of Life in every person with your every soul

in the earth that sustains it.

To thee, the tree, that shades the world with a forest

of hearts and souls that grows ever resplendently.

Thank you for being the tree in me………………

from a friend in the wing on a tire swing..

How else dare I be alive………………………………………

Daniel William Concharty

Dear Pat,

I know you’re not just an ordinary old lady, but sometimes the ordinary

and the old become your new best friends.

I’m not a bad guy I just wanted to say hello to a soul where the world

still thinks about you.

Why is it so hard to connect with a person so far and wide and yet on their side

It should be so simple but we stammer in the shake of a hand shake.

Don’t hate me Pat just give me a pat and a fare thee well

and always I will remember you.

Your friend,

Daniel William Concharty


As blood breathes the pages that breeze the ages with blood

that stains the curdles……………………………

Daddy Stop It and give me a chance to live.

It hurt so and the bloody blue from left field never left me a ball player.

Daddy, let’s play catch one day………………………………………………………

Love your son,

Daniel William Concharty


I’m a piece of shit stepped in another’s soul and my soul is scraped

with discard and disgust when they’re done with me.

I’m only a pile of shit that feeds upon the world’s leftovers.

I’m only a pile of shit steeped in shit and always hope they’ll bring me home

at day’s end to their doorstep and wipe their feet shan’t spoil their home

with my soil.

Where shit dies save for the flies and the buzzword sings in a fly strip

and their shoes are left outside their door for garbage.

Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup, thank you, I always wanted a pet fly.

Daniel William Concharty


Erika Eureka ground zero you opened a hole in my heart

emotions flooded with each beat and the ball dropped, but I caught it

and salvaged what was left of last year that bring me today tomorrow tonight

with but a token for the subway to bring me home and never I’ll forget

I’ll ever be alone.

Don’t walk the corridor by yourself I’ll be the phantom guy by your side.

The horse ride bestride, so cold, but you warmed my heart as

our smokey breath spelled our initials against the cobalt world

and a starry night painted our picture.

We broke into the museum for you to see him and stole eternity’s moment.

Sirens sang and knew this was forever.

However we never saw each other again, but reproductions of the night hold tight

today, tomorrow tonight in our homes that roams in my heart always holding me

hand in hand and if we’re framed we’ll always hang together.

Daniel William Concharty

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