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Painted Brain | Clear Blue Tea: The Poetry Of Stewart Lupton
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Clear Blue Tea: the poetry of Stewart Lupton

Clear Blue Tea

The streetlamp addresses the patio

in a concordance of shades

and throws its scrim

of clear blue tea on my wall.

One foot envies the other

as tearful little infants, groomed on chump change

climb in and out of my thoughts

like fares in a cab.

I need need more than you.

The outer rings of the night reach

through sound and light to the far corners of my bedroom,

where the fierce lions of the cosmos prosper, rage, love and destruct

with my blessing.

There is a fire in the middle of the page.

My consciousness surrenders and mounts with an oriental gaze.

Tethered to nothing, now.

The dark’s tune slows to ape song.

“I remember it all, the fangs and the claws.”

The light others looked at

that plumbed the alleyways

was squandered on me,

who was its seismograph.

It will meet me again, after my ration of sleep.

Inside my squint, the city sun struck a match on the spire of a mosque.

I see you, Stewart.

You wear your headaches like a crown.

Your thoughts become time; time, age.

You are the cough woven in the recording of the piano recital by an undisputed genius.

“I think there’s a lake just around this corner,”

You go, I’ll follow. It’ll take years.

What is this life, anyway, but an absurd case of the bends?

Love wracked nerves unsung.

back here, the thwarted win

for awhile.

The guts of the pool flinch

as ghosts in the strobe of my memory haunt someone else.

I walk through luck.

I am almost up.

At dawn, my ex loves, who’ve gardened the void all livelong night,

sing an orgasm through the wires.

In the treetops, minnows of light…

I feel the constellations shifting miles above,

as my bare feet are kept warm by those that burn below.

My pillow begins to snow.

Live from the has been hours,

I am taking dictation.

Stewart Lupton was the lead singer in Jonathan Fire*Eater, traveling and performing around the world from 1994-2000. Stewart began writing poetry and song lyrics in 1992, and was awarded the Lannan Fellowship for Poetry in 2008

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