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Painted Brain | From Ash To Dust We Rise & Lovely Fate: Two Poems
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • July 17, 2016

From Ash to Dust We Rise & Lovely Fate: two poems

From ash to dust we rise never be afraid of what we’ve made im longing for a purpose for a reason to fight for a reason to hope, live, and give, i’m here to stay no way no way no way can you say i’m not a person my name is bryan robert talley and i will be coming to the darkest path to find the righteous light. yin yang is my game i’m always on the same universe never going to die or fade i’m always sane no matter what you say i will complete my day in here for the taking no more pain no more agony i am a turning point to the deepest ocean the darkest vessel i’m stuck in between the cracks don’t let these feelings last give me something i can attack these bats with i’m here for the day gone for the night but i am always by her side i’m the fallen angel of the past no i can not last unless you help me and shape me into an angel of thee i pray i pray for thee to see thy light nor thy fight may thee lift the spirits of the lost souls and let thy collide in thy name of thee lord i am complete!

Lovely fate where not a mistake take back the lies that’s crawling inside don’t let them hide pull them out of your mind and let it intertwine with the sound of madness or clarity find out what it means to me i’m but a tool of my own drowning pool live like you mean it and strive like you deserve it don’t ever let them fade it will someday be ok and they will all go away the greatest demons are what makes a man out of me i am but a spark of dust that longs for a purpose tell me can you give me the clarity to see the light i hope i can go and fight we rise from ash to dust becoming greater and greater and life don’t let me fall bless the fall and hope to dream the dreams are always something to look forward to don’t have me awake on this side of darkness let me be reborn in the side of yin lets begin to win this war now my companions and allies it is our time to fight for what is right for what we believe in this is our time this time we will rise!

Bryan Robert Talley is a poet and lyricist from Los Angeles, CA. This is his first appearance in Painted Brain News.

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