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Painted Brain | Honest Enterprise: Design Production
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • March 4, 2017

HONEST Enterprise: Design Production

It was Fashion Wednesday for Painted Brain as contributors, staff, & interns collaborated in the next step of the Honest Enterprises venture. The studio space was transformed into a fashion shoot with a light box to best display the clothing donated to Honest Enterprises. To everyone who donated to the project, thank you so much! The clothes varied in style, sizes, and colors, but all were very high in quality. The mannequins were styled by fabulous Naomi who with her keen eye discerned the pieces of clothing that would best work together. The occupational therapy students documented the process, the clothing, and the title of each outfit. She created lifestyle creations of two to three clothing pieces that ranged from Urban Flora to Business Flare. Using pins to cinch the waist, the clothes were fitted and fluffed to photo perfection.

After each outfit was styled, the photographers stepped into the limelight. Assisting the photographers was the natural lighting from outside created the perfect lighting for the photographs. It was Golden Hour after all! Seth Greenberg, PB’s own Photography, and Digital Production Consultant collaborated with Jose and Ricky (also known as Raffi). Seth Greenberg is currently the Business Developing Manager for Zuma Press and previous managing editor for photography for Corbis made him the perfect candidate for this role. The f-stop, ISO, and shutter speed were standardized on the three canon cameras & the photographers were ready to go.

With a steady hand, the photographers took product photos of the outfit as a whole & the individual pieces. The details were really highlighted in the close-up pictures. Seth gave tips regarding using the backdrop as a reference point for a straight picture and using a horizontal orientation for the detail pictures. Naomi styled five outfits in total by the end of the day. Time flew by as everyone who contributed experienced flow. Thank you for supporting Honest Enterprises. The photographs of the products will be available in the future & the clothes will be available to purchase!

By Anna Yena Kim, Occupational Therapy student of USC

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