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Painted Brain | Naked Registration: A Poem
original poetry by Chris Conway
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Naked Registration: a poem

Oh, why is this blood so familiar?

I’ve seen flesh more tainted than this.

Maybe it let out.

Maybe it simply rushed inside.

Nonetheless, the poison is there.

Love’s a bitter mystery,

As they say.

Swells up, leaves you blind.

A continuum of tragedies

And cold, red-meat bloody storms

Which naturally blister apart

And leave a dreary meditation.

My love is the hue of children

Stars and moons, cuts and scrapes.

All of those soft constellations of bruises

Percocet to the touch.

Too unrealistic.

My lover is haunted

By my lack of presence.

Unknowingly we blink the same,

Our tissues twitch as one.

I am virile and sterile

Crushed apart by the solitude.

I will sing you into existence,

Take a deep breath,

Let it out upon your heart,

And rest.

Chris Conway is a gifted young poet whose footprints follow him everywhere. This is the first time his work has appeared here in Painted Brain News.

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