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Painted Brain | Old Man Old Lady So Scared & Window: Two Poems
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • June 13, 2016

Old Man Old Lady So Scared & Window: two poems

Old Man Old Lady So Scared

My father made me so scared I never knew how to make


I covered my head with my feeble hands in fear and quaked

in my crotch where I crapped in the only shorts I had left.

I’m afraid of my old man the old ladies and their pocketbooks swinging their names

as they beat me with their bags.

I can’t be a good Boy Scout crossing an old lady crossing the street,

but apologize for whatever wrongs crossed my path.

Old Lady I never grabbed your purse, but pursed my lips before you sent me to jail.

I’m innocent but so afraid but how can I tell the world that my father was my jailor

and to sit on a public toilet was my handcuff.

Old Man, Old Lady flush the toilet already

I’m flush with but enough………………………


It stinks in here open the window……………………………..

no no don’t open the window the wall’s affixed with a crucifix

don’t cross the line communion is just a dumpster away.

Purgatory’s purgation vomits the wretch that goes to Hell.

Heave hoe who always blow her rent to never clean my place or ever clean my loins.

Blood stains my solace and the ooze drips my humanity and I must clear the mark

to expunge what eternally double crosses me.

Oh God help me.

Evictions contrition…..I love you God….. please help me through this mess.

Okay I’ll close the door and open the window to let you in

therein I’ll hang in the balance in a world that prays for my salvation………………………

Daniel William Concharty is a poet and frequent contributor to Painted Brain News

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