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Painted Brain | Overcoming The Primal Scream: A Poem
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Overcoming the Primal Scream: a poem



Colliding mission.

Accidental French kiss.

I saw it.

Oh, gracious.

That automobile:

chocolate brown,

meshed with 1998 green.

No life to flash before

these mortally wounded eyes.

One blink and eleven years

Happen in a flash,

camera or not.

This road is fatal.

A cautious wreck,

a nervous wreck.

His poor wife’s neck.

Every reason happened in one second.

Take your time tonight.

One city citation for the

failure to control an

accelerator-happy adrenaline rush.

The speed was irrelevant.

The area lost was expendable.

The fear was real and

always will be, Son of Sons.

Conundrum of angel’s silence and

brakes of desperation!

The traffic has jaws.

They all fed on the

carnage of machinery.

Electrifying whiplash!

The highway is carefree,

an entirely different animal.

The cavalry in black and blue

is on the way,

witnessing a rebellion in the making.

Could not speak, lower waist too weak.

Take your time tonight.

A home to inebriation on wheels,

skipping rocks on the drink,

tossing litter into the drink.

No gas leak that was smelt.

In Rainbow City,

anything goes.

Faced with impeccable troubles

that affect any pedal to the metal motto,

a life back guaranteed.

That is what they want.

That is what the courtroom wanted.

All I am is a long-haired hoodlum.

A stoner,

a tree hugger.

Profile me, O’ Badge-Abusing Hog!

You have not read me my rights.

You have read me yours,

that I very well deserve.

One syllable out of me and you pin it against me.

No one drives but me.

The wheel is a part of history.

No crashing moment in cinema

could take or replace

that near-fatal Tuesday dusk.

Oh, Ally of the First Order,

though I trust you with

my life’s end-to-end wish,

step away from the driver’s seat.

Its authentic imitation leather

has yet to be stained with

your subconscious recklessness.

Though you family members

have supported every intricate decision,

I cannot respect this one.

Remove the seatbelt.

Suspend and cease the ignition.

There is no shame in moving

to the vehicle adjacent.

No mechanic can repair this neuro-malfunction.

No one drives but me.

July 14, 2011

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