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Painted Brain | Three Poems By Jamie Lauren Siegel
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • April 18, 2016

Three Poems by Jamie Lauren Siegel


I: If I was god, a god, yours

mine, any which one, Listen: as I:

spoke of reality – not as the amateur, nor human,

but as an omnipresent beast, a divine myth

something fierce. Something pulsating; power, light.

no need to hide words, stutter across pages

pages of muddled meanings, transcribing love to strangers

I: The forever dance of ineffable forgotten dreams.

oh, but only to awake

and see but angels engage demons in friendship

to see the sun and moon rise as one,

animals talk to man.

Art, all art, merge into universal consciousness

“Truth” would have only but one name.

-Jamie Lauren Siegel 12/09


There is A tormented performer

sage  at the bottom of

every  broken  urn ;

just another raconteur

with  unwise audiences to listen

weaving tales only for   character

only to  withdraw  at the precision

in which the world might be

an illusion .

one seeped  in slowly through pain

as in through time:

 through copied


through getting up at dawn and seeing nothing

but colors illuminating the window pain.

through walls that  serve no purpose

but to hide the twinge rather than embrace it.

but  please don’t impart that on those

who wish to be  in  an  operative  reality

away from you. and your magazine memories.

that is all I ask.

Spun Yarn

She’s  pleased to meet your acquaintance,

for tonight you will exchange more then words,

under your watchful lens,  universal thrills.

Marked as yours under

positions of twilight’s values,

sending signals to other half hour vampires.

This one is taken.

You light her cigarettes and pay her in broken dreams and a

Jackson, another euphemism is used up, washed up, used in this spun

yarn. Worn prematurely, like imprints in the tracks of time.

You embroider the pillow with the faint knowing—odds and ends

chance of a man who knows no gray shadows in a person.

She lives no lives besides the one who lies beside her in the night.

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