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Painted Brain | Triptych
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Mental Health: Inside Voices Art Show Fundraiser
  • April 22, 2016



Present the future with a springboard and a splash

And so I test the water and go to a dingy bar

and take the dive that will save me.

It’s not a pick up place, but a place to pick up the pieces of your life

and tender the bartender who finds you where no one else could.

His tip knows no end to the possibilities and his glass is half full

because he earned his keep.

And last call called for a new beginning and as the lights dimmed

upon a new day there stood I in the rain knowing where I was going.

Blind Arm

I was stabbed by a blind arm and no refrain came from my cane.

I tried to beat the Devil and crossed the street summoning

my love for God but was hit by a motorist who stopped only to say

Fuck You and there lay the middle finger in the middle of the road.

I now need a kidney not a finger and realized there was no hope

that I’ll ever pee against a tree………………………………………………..


Erika Eureka ground zero you opened a hole in my heart

emotions flooded with each beat and the ball dropped, but I caught it

and salvaged what was left of last year that bring me today tomorrow tonight

with but a token for the subway to bring me home and never I’ll forget

I’ll ever be alone.

Don’t walk the corridor by yourself I’ll be the phantom guy by your side.

The horse ride bestride, so cold, but you warmed my heart as

our smokey breath spelled our initials against the cobalt world

and a starry night painted our picture.

We broke into the museum for you to see him and stole eternity’s moment.

Sirens sang and knew this was forever.

However we never saw each other again, but reproductions of the night hold tight

today, tomorrow tonight in our homes that roams in my heart always holding me

hand in hand and if we’re framed we’ll always hang together.

Daniel William Concharty is a poet whose work appears exclusively in Painted Brain News

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