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Painted Brain | Two Poems On Dogs By Daniel William Concharty
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • March 6, 2016

Two Poems on Dogs by Daniel William Concharty


How alone can a dead dog be…how alone I was watching myself die.

I wish I was euthanized to end the pain.

I wish I were housebroken and trained by a trainer who loved me

and with my very last breath I’d fetch the ball and retrieve its preemptive

heart to a hand who would always pat me and always say

good boy and never say goodbye.

How I know to never bite the hand that feeds me

or ever dream of doing so?

And then my worst nightmare where I collided with a derelict car

that ran rampant through my heart.

There was no fanfare just a dusty trunk and a trip to the city morgue,

But the show must go on ……………..

and the rehearsal never happened because it died with the last curtain call.

I never learned the lines of grief , but I finally found its voice that said

now and again I was just a Dog…………………………………………………….

Daniel William Concharty


Sharp words cut like a knife and dull themselves where they cry

and wait to die with a dog smitten by the side of a dark road

bitten by a bus for it was manslaughter for it was loved by my soul.

The steam piped through her nose and never continued but for

the trench of the police car.

The lights were spinning awakening her glory

and fated as the neighbors watched the death of her night

not knowing where she was going.

I died that night and the last breath of my soul died with her.

And so I went home stranded without a soul to hear how sad I was

and never forget the night my life stood still.

Daniel William Concharty is a poet and frequent contributor to Painted Brain News

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