Since 2014, CodiePie and Painted Brain set an initiative to create a vocational program that supports training individuals for jobs in tech. People living with mental illness have a hard time sustaining a job, especially when challenged by the impairment of depression, anxiety, or psychosis.

Digital Literacy Workshops At Daniel's Place

Photo by Mia Baker


Our environment is tailored to support individuals where they’re at.


Throughout the development of the training program, there were three fundamental principles that shaped the pedagogy:

  1. The first was the holistic approach to learning.
  2. The second, having workshops led by peer trainers.
  3. The third, creating jobs in-house to support individuals in securing a decent job.


We know the future of job security lies in tech and this includes both soft-skill and hard-skill positions.


We believe individuals living with mental illness have superpowers in three areas, creativity, empathy, and technology. Providing a safe environment and the right tools, our community can have a secured and stable living.