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Painted Brain | Partners
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • Empathic Design

    In early 2018, we partnered with Otis College of Art and Design as a way to collaborate to support the local community of mental health as well as bringing education and resources to students living with mental illness.
  • Supportive Engagement

    Since 2014, we’ve been addressing the homelessness crisis by reintegrating vulnerable populations into society with the mission of supporting innovation and job security for individuals with mental health challenges in Los Angeles.
  • Women’s Support Groups

    Mind Talks, an open forum where young professional women come together to open the conversation around mental health challenges. It is designed for individuals to listen to personal stories, connect with one another, and share their own adversities.
  • Housing Enrichment

    The individuals experiencing mental health challenges and isolation in housing facilities thrive with our art intervention workshops. Partnering with the Office of Diversion and Reentry has given us the opportunity to expand our impact; creating community.
  • Digital Literacy

    Since 2014, Painted Brain Tech has been fostering a community of techies living with mental health challenges. If your agency is looking to support the development of high-level trade skills in Information Technology and Digital Marketing, bring our team to your peers.
  • Restorative Justice

    We’ve been in a long-standing partnership with Community Justice Initiative since 2013; empowering minor offenders through our leadership and education training workshops for art and tech.