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Painted Brain | Giving Tuesday
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Giving Tuesday

End Homelessness By Creating Community

Click below and see how Painted Brain is changing lives.

Join The Fight For Mental Health

Lawrence Rozner has been with us since the beginning and is a living example of how art and community can change the lives of people with Asperger’s Syndrome and depression.

With a generous gift of just $100 from you, we can replicate the impact we’ve had on Lawrence with 20 others living with similar conditions. Let’s work together to address homelessness and suicide.

With your help, we can address homelessness and mental health by building community.

Homelessness leaves people in a perpetual state of need and quickly impairs the ability to believe in the future and commit to the long-term process of regaining housing or even accessing food and basic hygiene supplies. We believe in honing in on individuals’ well being using art as the catalyst, which provides a sense of connection, trust, and can support one’s confidence to look toward the future and take the steps in securing a sustainable and healthy living. Our community gives individuals the space to believe in their own abilities, fostering new ways of thinking, finding hope, and feeling a sense of belonging.

Giving Tuesday

For more than 10 years Painted Brain has supported the mental health community using art and advocacy and has impacted over

3,000 individuals living with mental health challenges such as bipolar disorder, depression, and autism.

Give monthly and be part of a community invested in enriching our cities through art and integration.

Giving Tuesday

Painted Brain Art Cart

We’re connecting with young adults and homeless children providing hygiene kits, resources, therapy, art, and more.

Tech Digital Literacy

We’re providing tech training and job readiness workshops focused on frontend/backend development and marketing.

Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday

Building Community

We’re combating the stigma of mental illness through friend-raising, local arts engagement with bus shelters, our speaker’s bureau, and providing a safe space for individuals with mental health challenges to meet and collaborate on projects.

Help us End Homelessness and Support Individuals Living with Mental Health Challenges by Creating Community

Giving Tuesday