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Painted Brain | Join The Internship
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Join The Internship


Inquiry Form

  • What is the Painted Brain Internship program?

    The Painted Brain Internship program has two divisions, the first is by semester and focuses on graduate level Master of Social Work (MSW) as well as Occupational Therapy (OT) students and the second is revolving with a three-month requirement or 240 hours  focusing on assisting the Painted Brain Social Media and Photojournalism team with moderating content, threads, and submissions.

    You will be able to choose to enroll in our program on your second year of your graduate program, first years are assigned to us primarily from UCLA, USC, and CSUN. The revolving program does not have this limitation but does require you to be computer literate and social media savvy.

    What are the perks of the Painted Brain Revolving Internship program?

    • PERKS

      • Letter of Recommendation

      • Letter of Completion

      • Certificate of Accomplishment

      • Recognition for Role on Website Platforms and Social Media

    How many people are involved in Painted Brain’s Internship program?

    We average four to eight interns per year. The majority are micro-students and only one or two are macro. The OT’s work out on the field for the majority of their term but are required supervision on Fridays which follows a group they run in-house. The MSW students are in throughout our opening hours which land on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

    Who runs Painted Brain’s Internship program?

    The first division is directed and supervised by Dave Leon, the founder, and director of Painted Brain. The second revolving division is directed by David Israelian, the co-founder, and CTO of Painted Brain, with the assistance of Kevin Naruse.

    How do I join the Painted Brain’s Internship program?

    Fill out the form above and share with us briefly on your reason you’d like to intern with Painted Brain. In the message field please answer the following questions:


      • Why Painted Brain?

      • How did you hear about us?

      • What would like to get out of your experience here?

      • What would you like to focus in on?

      • What are your strengths?

      • What would you like to contribute during your internship?

      • Define Mental Illness

    Why do we need the Painted Brain’s Internship program?

    One of Painted Brain’s strongest foundations for advocating for mental health was through our Speaker’s Bureau and this door was the entry for students to observe and interact with individuals living with mental health challenges. The experience of Painted Brain’s Internship program is like no other, as it is a peer run organization with individuals that will enrich your perspective and challenge the way you view mental illness.

    How do we know Painted Brain’s Internship program has an impact?

    The Painted Brain’s Internship program is a win-win for all. There are so many questions relative to licensed clinicians and/or students in the practice that are unanswered with boundaries that are challenged every day in our society, whether related to disclosure, technicalities of treatment, instinct, lived experience, and experience in general. Painted Brain provides a platform bridging consumers of mental health services with clinicians in study while remaining respectful of boundaries and maintaining the Equal-Librium model. The unique aspect of Painted Brain is the term “Prosumer”, coined by futurist Alvin Toffler and advocated by former intern and advocate Malia Linda Javier Fontecchio. Why should an individual shy from disclosing their mental illness while in practice or studing? Painted Brain looks to cultivate disclosure, eliminate barriers, and change the discussion within the mental health practicing fields. Interns in the past have disclosed their mental illnesses to the members and the liberation and eye-to-eye impact is very apparent.

    History of Painted Brain’s Internship program

    Our first internship program started in 2009. We had three MSW interns from UCLA and didn’t have an office space to call home. The meetups were in the westside at various cafes some included the Talking Stick and Urban Cafe. Our interns then supported running art groups and collaborating with edits on Painted Brain Magazine. Before the interns, the Painted Brain Magazine was the foundation and catalyst for bridging individuals to our community. The columnists and artists would form the Speaker’s Bureau in 2007 which supported the rudiments of the internship program and eventually as the word got out, Painted Brain members were invited to present at the various local Universities of Los Angeles, sharing their intimate stories living with mental illness.