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Painted Brain | Being Hopeful For The Future
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • May 2, 2016

Being Hopeful For The Future

For the past year, I’ve had a major struggle about buying food that I don’t like and throwing it away, and food spending in general has been a major issue for me. I really feel that it is important for me to be mindful about my purchases, and my doctor gave me some wonderful advice today. He told me to walk to Whole Foods since it is the closest grocery store in my area and buy what I want for the day. I told him during the session that I don’t think I can walk there because it is very far (about 5 long blocks from my apartment and I would need to cross a major busy street), so I prefer to take a cab and they can wait there for me I don’t want to schedule access. If a cab waits for me and takes me home I think it will be a little over $10.00 so they accept debit card which is more convenient and I love that Whole Foods gives quarters for cash back which is very convenient since my apartment has coin laundry. Anyway, it is the Passover holiday and I decided to buy noodle kugel that was already prepared and potato pancakes. I got two pieces of each and I only spent $15.00 and that’s way less than I have ever spent on an Instacart order especially with delivery and other charges and my ride from the doctor to Whole Foods and Back was only $21.00. I was able to go right after the appointment.
I asked my doctor about getting cigarettes and he advised me to go to the gas station that is close to Whole Foods. I never felt comfortable buying things there but I have seen people buy cigarettes there. I ended up ordering a pack of Marlboro Lights and 2 bottles of Gatorade, english muffins, and margarine from but my order was less than 25.00. I told my psychiatrist earlier today that I want to work on my irritability but I don’t want to do things that are unrealistic like walking. I did tell him my big goal is to not throw out food and I want to start from today which I think is a good goal.
Dawn writes a column about symptom management for Painted Brain News
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