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Painted Brain | How Increasing Depakote Helped Me To Manage Money Better
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  • September 8, 2016

How Increasing Depakote helped me to manage money better

Ever since I started taking 2000 mg of Depakote daily I have been able to manage my money quite well.
I haven’t bought $300 worth of food from the grocery store only to realize when it gets delivered that I regret ordering it and then just thrown it away.
My psychiatrist wanted me to take 500 mg more of Depakote because he saw that I was extremely irritable the last time I saw him and that three years ago when I saw him I was taking 2000 mg and I was doing better. The only reason why he decreased it to three 500 mg pills is because my valproate level was slightly high at one time. However, I had a hard time managing money and a hard time with my irritability at that dosage for a year.
I hope things get better with my grandmother. I find that I am very irritable when I speak to her on the phone and I haven’t gone up to her house. She had my uncle come to see her and her great grandson who is transferring to UCLA visiting her today along with his parents. I cannot go to her house at all because my mood is not stable when I’m around her which is a character flaw of mine because I can get very angry in her presence To console myself (which I shouldn’t have done) I took a cab to the grocery store and I bought items I regret buying. The cab fare was $20 and the groceries were $50, so it was a waste of $70. If I would have listened to a good friend’s advice I would trust someone who wants to help me rather than just doing it my own way. I interpret this as not going to a grocery store because I end up buying and wanting to return or throw away food and listening to my therapist about how I should spend my money. I really feel bad about today. In the future, I hope when grandma tells me about a visitor or if she wants me to come see her, I will find a way not to waste money just to console myself. I can’t see grandma due to my irritability.


Dawn writes about symptom management for Painted Brain News
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