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Painted Brain | Listening To Simple Advice Can Make Positive Changes To One’s Life
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • October 2, 2016

Listening to Simple Advice Can Make Positive Changes to One’s Life

I have an excellent therapist that I have been seeing since April and we have worked out a budget that she felt seemed like it would work for me. As a disclaimer: I have bipolar disorder and a big money spending problem and I have had problems buying and throwing out food.

She says I am not allowed to order from any online grocery delivery service, so that means no,, or and I also can’t shop at grocery stores because I buy food and then I throw food away and then I buy more food and throw food away. It is comparable to an alcoholic with a binge drinking problem and yet I want to conceal that I have this problem so I throw food away.

I had a pretty bad week last week and the first two days when my uncle gave me money I didn’t follow my therapist’s rules. However I do have enough money in my account to get to therapy on Thursday and to order delivery from a restaurant 2 more times. I love Fromins Deli. It’s cheaper if I get delivery then if I take a cab there but I walk to New York Bagel in the morning a few times a week. I think that even though I didn’t do well in the beginning I will have enough money until I get SSI and my uncle puts money.

My therapist outlined a budget for me to spend about 30 dollars a day on food, an amount per week on makeup and clothing, cigarettes, household and cleaning supplies, transportation, haircare, nail care, and I seem to only be spending money on my cigarettes and I pay for the cabs and I get quarters for laundry and I have wasted a lot of food in the past, and I really haven’t followed her budget very well.


Dawn writes about compulsive spending and symptom management for Painted Brain News
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