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Painted Brain | Travelogue: Agog In Iceland
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • February 16, 2015

Travelogue: Agog in Iceland

(excerpt from Facebook)

I’ve found my rhythm here. When the clouds part, I shoot around the clock. When they gray out the sky, I work on post processing and spend render time swimming and soaking in the hot pools, gazing up at the night sky and falling snow flakes and/or rain drops that feel like fresh kisses on my eyelids and cheeks. My inner mermaid is verrrrry happy!

People keep talking to me in Icelandic, assuming I’m native. I’m super motivated to learn the melodic lilt of the language, which sounds like a soothing Elvish lullaby as I soak in the hot pools, tiny waves gently lapping at my neck.
I’ve spent a total of zero nights in a hotel so far (after one week). Sleeping in my car allows me to linger in nature and shoot whenever I want. Having the coziest sleeping bag in the universe is a huge help! I’m so warm at night I end up peeling off layers! Now, getting *out* of the sleeping bag in the morning is another story! (*haha)

I’ve made friends here, and was talking with a professional football (soccer) player originally from Serbia who tells me that moving permanently to Iceland is easy and totally doable. Hmmm… My wheels are turning… How do I emigrate to Iceland and somehow stay close to my loved ones back home? … I’ll have to think creatively about that (*wink).

Thanks to my diligent research team back home, I’ve discovered a huge clue about why I can eat dairy here. Turns out the Icelandic cows are a different breed, “small and tough” (I can relate) and descended from the original Scandinavian cows over a millenium ago. I, too, am descended from the original Scandinavians, so maybe there’s a genetic link to my Norse dairy superpowers. I’ll have to go to Sweden for further experimentation and collection of data (*smile).

Looks like the clouds will (hopefully) break up tonight. I’ll be out, ready for the opportunity to collaborate with nature and shoot more… but first, a warm meal indoors to nourish my relaxed post-swim body while my wet hair dries!

Denesa Chan is an accomplished stage/film actress, dancer, choreographer, photographer and musician from Azusa, CA.

She is also widely-traveled, and deeply committed to humanitarian work.

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