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Painted Brain | What Are The Important Life Lessons For Being Happy?
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What Are The Important Life Lessons For Being Happy?

Happiness, it is something that we all strive for, but, at the same time, it is often not as easily reachable as we hope it to be. It is true that life can be hard sometimes. We are facing many challenges – at work and home, we constantly have to overcome obstacles that may be placed in our way of being truly happy in life.

When things get tough, our lives can quickly spiral into something unpleasant. Negative thoughts may enter our mind and have a considerable impact on our lives – and our ability to stay happy.

While we all have our times of feeling happy and times of feeling sad, it is important to prioritize those moments and activities in life that makes us feel the warmth in our hearts that happiness can give us.

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present” – Jim Rohn

The quote above by Jim Rohn holds so much meaning. We often find ourselves in situations where we get so tied up with the challenges we are facing; we tend to forget about the things that make us happy. We set those things aside so that we can rather focus on clearing these challenges in life.

The hard-to-accept, but the real truth is – by continuously postponing placing our happiness at the top of our priority lists, we are simply making way for more misfortune to come our way; thus we may soon find that happiness gets farther and farther out-of-reach.

No matter how much misfortunate life throws your way, it is important always to consider the fact that finding happiness in life is possible. It is never too late to adopt healthy habits and some vital lifestyle changes to turn our miserable and depressed feelings into something more positive, something that will help us be happy.

Besides – being happy in life is known to have many positive effects on both physical and mental health. Refinery29 reports that happiness has even been linked to being less vulnerable to certain health problems, such as the common cold.

Life Lessons For Happiness

There are many ways in which a person can almost guarantee happiness for themselves, but the first step is to make the decision to stop allowing life’s mishaps and challenges keep you from maintaining a smile on your face and feeling that warmth that we often experience during happy times. Let’s look at some important life lessons that you need to teach yourself to become happier and to stop letting unfortunate situations get the best of you.

1. Make Some Time For Yourself

The very first life lessons to be learned for a happier life is that it is essential to make some time for yourself. Our lives get so busy sometimes that we tend to forget about prioritizing our own mental and physical health.

Even though your life may be faced with many challenges and obstacles, taking some time off now and then, even if it’s just an hour or two to do something that makes you happy, can have a tremendous positive impact in your life, leading to a higher level of happiness, better productivity and a more relaxed state-of-mind. FamilyShare explains that making time for yourself helps you focus better, it helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety and it even leads to better physical health.

2. Hit The Gym Or Go For A Run

We all know that physical exercise is vital for good health. Research has proven exercise not only to be beneficial for physical health but also for mental wellbeing. Happify Daily reports that 20 minutes of physical activity can give you a mood boost that lasts up to 12 hours.

They also report that research has shown people who are more active tend to much happier in life, and often reports that they feel much more satisfied with their particular lives. Plus, if you have been looking for the answer to the age-old question “how to improve memory” – then a simple exercise routine every day could well be your answer to better memory function.

3. You Will Be Rejected Sometimes… Deal With It

Perhaps you went on a date, and she rejected you after you asked for a second date, or maybe you asked your boss for a promotion, and you were rejected. Being rejected sucks – that is something everyone knows. Even the most perfect-looking people have to face rejection at some point in their lives.

Unfortunately, it is how you deal with these rejections that determine the impact they will have in your own life. If you learn how to deal with and accept rejections for what they are, and to move on quickly, you will notice that they do not affect you as much.

4. Don’t Take Everything Personally

This lesson perfectly blends with the previous one – when you are rejected, you might take it personally. Apart from rejection, people tend to take a considerable amount of comments made to them on a daily basis personally.

Perhaps your partner gave you a strange stare without realizing it, but you think that the look had a bad meaning behind it. Maybe your co-worker said something to you that they meant in a good way, but you only see the bad out of their comment.

While some comments might be made in such a way that they were meant to be taken up personally, it is essential not to allow everything to get to you. Learn how to tell when something was not meant as you thought it was meant, and then let it go.

5. Money Is Not All That Matters

Not being wealthy and able to spend millions on unworthy items every day is depressing for some people. Having to work two or three jobs just to get by, living from paycheck to paycheck, can be devastating.

Yes, we need money to buy food, clothes and other essential items that we need daily, as well as to pay rent so that we have a place to stay, but some people tend to put money first in their lives. It is important to remember that money is not all that matters.

Family, friends, your partner, and love – essentially all helping to keep you happy – should be considered more important than money. Take some time off and if there is no money to dine out or go to the movies, look for activities that can be free – a fun night of board games or choose to watch some movies at home with the families.

Spending time with your loved ones can be very beneficial to your mental health and will help you realize that, while money is important, you still need to make time for the things that matter more in your life.


Happiness is often considered the key to living a long, healthy and prosperous life. Being unhappy all the time, on the other hand, is linked to poor productivity and mental health, a weaker immune system and even a less successful life.

No matter how unfortunate your life may feel like, becoming happier in life is still possible. We’ve shared some vital life lessons that should be acquired in this post, which offers an excellent starting point for living a happier life. Once you have mastered these lessons, look for more to help you discover just how advantageous true happiness can be for you. 


Sophie Addison is a popular blogger and skincare expert. She is very passionate about writing about skincare and beauty. She has posted articles on tips for fine lines and wrinkles, treatments for arthritis, weight loss, improving memory and fitness routine. Apart from work she likes gardening and listening music. You can also contact her on Facebook, and Pinterest.

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