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Painted Brain | What I Plan To Do To Avoid Compulsive Food Spending And Eating
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  • September 10, 2016

What I plan to do to avoid compulsive food spending and eating

In the past, my focus has been on food and it has been compulsive spending on food. I do have money to buy other things but I have chosen to basically just get a few makeup items here and there and get a few pieces of clothing here and there and wear casual comfort trendy black attire because I really felt I had no place to go besides therapy and the grocery store so I felt like even the places where I sometimes go to eat out and visit my family,  I am not expected to really dress to impress.
I will of course eat enough because that is important to me but I feel it’s important not to call a restaurant out of boredom to deliver to my apartment or order from an online grocery delivery service and then I have to pay delivery fee and tip and it adds up.
I think smoking cigarettes does help and that being motivated to allocate my money for items I want so that I will dress in ways that I will have more self confidence is important. I want to wear heels and stockings and I am losing weight. I am currently 162 and I think my goal would be 120.
I think even though I only go to therapy, the grocery store, my psychiatrist, medical appointments, I can still have a more fashion forward look and have more variety to choose from.
Dawn writes about symptom management for Painted Brain News
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