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Painted Brain | Body Image Issues, Bipolar Spending, And Religious Pressure From Family
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • August 27, 2016

Body Image Issues, Bipolar Spending, and Religious Pressure from Family

I felt so sad that I went to my grandmother’s house in leggings and a sweater and she said “You can’t go to a wedding dressed like that” and told me “Get the hell out of my house.”
I called my uncle in tears and I honestly wasn’t planning to go to the wedding because I didn’t sleep well the night before and I wanted to visit her but I can’t stand her. I then decided to change into a stretch pencil skirt and thin leggings and I didn’t have any heels so I put on Coach sneakers and I felt miserable and grandma’s housekeeper said I looked beautiful and grandma said “Get in the car” and I slammed the door so hard. I told her I am not going and I am now going to give my skirts to the gardener. I don’t feel I have to dress in ways that make me feel uncomfortable just because my grandma’s perception is that at Jewish weddings women should wear skirts. It’s not even at an Orthodox Synagogue. My uncle at first told my grandma that he isn’t going to get into it with her and then he asked her how she feels and my grandmother said that she feels that women should wear skirts and even her housekeeper was wearing a button down shirt and a long skirt to the wedding. I felt so miserable and I feel fat sometimes in a skirt. I did think about buying nylon stockings and dress shoes and maybe I will eventually but I don’t really have places I go to because I don’t like going to weddings. However, when I go out to eat and to therapy I can dress up more formally. I don’t know. I have problems, when I buy things that I am not sure of, I donate them. I am very comfortable in leggings, push up bras, tank tops and sweaters because I think they make me look thinner.
Dawn writes about symptom management for Painted Brain News
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