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Painted Brain | Living With A Family Member With Dementia
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  • October 31, 2015

Living With A Family Member With Dementia

Dementia is a disease that can bring grief to a family if it isn’t handled correctly. There are so many myths circulating about the illness, and many people do not understand that dementia is a manageable condition. In fact, many families living with a dementia patient can find some peace and a little stability. It just takes a clear understanding of what dementia is and how it can be managed.

First, everyone must realize the dementia is a symptom of another, more complex disease or disorder. It isn’t contagious and you can’t just “come down with it” like a cold.There is always something else that leads to the dementia.

These conditions include:

Alzheimer’s disease

Narrowing blood vessels (vascular dementia)

Head injuries

Multiple strokes

Years of alcoholism

Brain tumors

Brain infection

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Thyroid disease

Kidney disease

Liver disease


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