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Painted Brain | Los Angeles Police Shoot & Kill Mentally Ill Homeless Man
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • March 5, 2015

Los Angeles Police Shoot & Kill Mentally Ill Homeless Man

Last Sunday four police officers surrounded a mentally-ill homeless black man known as “Africa” on the streets of downtown Los Angeles in the area known as Skid Row. Africa was thrown on the ground, beaten, and shot, and it was all captured on video. He was shot five times as he lay face-down on the ground encircled by police. Africa was homeless after spending a decade in the mental hospital.

Police originally approached Africa because they were responding to a call about a man stealing a shopping cart.

The police claim that Africa reached for one of their weapons, although this does not correspond with three witness testimonies that Africa did not reach for the police officer’s gun.; InfoWars

The LAPD also claimed that Ezell Ford reached for a police officer’s gun before they fatally shot him last August.

Ezell Ford was also a black man with mental illness.

There is footage from two police officers bodycams, which LAPD refuses to release unless court-ordered to do so.

LAPD chief Beck said in a press conference that “officers acted compassionately” and assured the public that, as with all officer-involved shootings, LAPD will investigate themselves.

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Malia L. Javier Fontecchio, MSW is Stigma Discrimination Reduction Coordinator at Project Return Peer Support Network and a frequent contributor to Painted Brain News

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