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Painted Brain | Why I Feel Respecting A Therapist’s Boundaries Is The First Step To Improvement In All Aspects Of My Life
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  • June 14, 2016

Why I feel respecting a therapist’s boundaries is the first step to improvement in all aspects of my life

One element that I really lacked with about 80% of my therapists and psychiatrists was that I didn’t respect their boundaries. What I did in particular that was highly problematic is that I would contact them very frequently by phone in the late 1990s and early 2000s and some who gave out their business cell phone I called or texted. My psychiatrist actually prefers to text me an appointment confirmation reminder rather than me call his business phone or me send him an email and my current therapist is very smart and only has her business landline on her card. I think she can receive faxes if she has to for medical purposes. She doesn’t contact patients though email because she feel it isn’t a secure means of communication.

I feel that my relationship with my current psychologist has started out so well because of the level of respect I have for her. I was able to have this level of respect for my professors at UCLA, CSUDH, and CSULA and also one psychoanalytical psychiatrist and a counselor who did both family and individual counseling who mainly focused on improving communication skills. I never called about personal issues outside of session and never needed to discuss urgent matters because I was strong enough to deal with them on my own.

I do feel bad that my communication with my peers and my family has not been so optimal at times. However, I definitely feel that being able to be respectful to a psychologist and my psychiatrist is a start and I think that shows I am making big accomplishments currently. I also really have had problems with money management last week of the month and when I got my SSI check last week. However, I do see that being optimistic about how I can manage money better currently and in the future is really important. I am learning to respect my family’s boundaries and my psychiatrist’s boundaries and my own monetary boundaries because I have such a positive relationship with Dr. Trozzolino.


Dawn writes about symptom management for Painted Brain News

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