It’s one to be alone. Being alone can help you understand yourself better. But being lonely is completely different. It’s something that we all have felt during this lockdown, being away from our beloved even when we wanted to meet them but couldn’t. 

While the internet and social media have made it a lot more convenient for us to talk to each other, this convenience is making us that much lonelier, with fewer people making an effort to physically meet each other and socialize in the real world.

Here are a few pointers to feel cope better with loneliness. 

Learning to Be Better Alone

A lot of people today struggle to be with their thoughts. It’s something whose understanding is essential in shaping a child’s mental health but which isn’t taught to us in school. 

Due to this, it’s quite understandable how difficult it can become for us to handle the flurry of uncontrollable thoughts that storm our minds. But by taking that step to stand in between the flurry of thoughts, with time, you might just be able to find a way to calm that storm and focus on key aspects of your thoughts. 

Resistance is not the answer and thus, distracting yourself by indulging in tasks and activities will not help you in the long term. Learning how to accept the storm and continuing an effort to calm your mind is essential to mental well-being. 

Allow Yourself to Feel

When you feel lonely, however, and are unable to be in the presence of another person, it can be difficult to focus on yourself and get on. That’s why it’s better to allow yourself to fully experience your feelings. 

According to a psychology writer on, you, after all, are just another human being with feelings and emotions. Allow yourself to feel them avoid carrying the feeling of loneliness into the future days. 

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is being present wholly at the moment, fully immersed in whatever task you’re doing. The most practiced form is meditation, where you focus fully on your body and your breaths. While you may be interrupted by your thoughts, you can come back to your task and take a few seconds to get back to full focus. Consider meditation practice to focus better. 

A leading spiritual healer and writer for academic writing help, while it initially may be difficult for those who use distraction to fend off thoughts, with time, it will help you be more mindful of every task you participate in.

Moreover, if you are doing something and the thought of loneliness creeps in, you would be able to revert to your task and be fully present in it. This can be essential in keeping hobbies alive and something that brings you joy. 

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

All of us have things we like to do to feel better, feel refreshed, or even energetic. It may be anything from cooking to playing video games. Find balance to include these activities in your life to provide yourself with bits of good moments throughout the day. These activities will keep you engaged and away from any feelings of creeping loneliness.

However, it is also important to remember not to make these hobbies the only thing you focus on throughout the day. This might get you back into the loop of distractions and take away the exciting aspect of those hobbies. You can schedule your day to fit a particular period of time to be productive and find time to take care of yourself with these hobbies. 

Treat Your Body Better

Rather than just focusing on looking better, focus on feeling better. Include exercises to keep your heart pumping, feel energetic and strong. Start making healthy meals that are rich in protein and healthy fats and low in carbs. 

Make proper portions and find new ways to make your life healthier and happier. Think about your body as an entity you have been given the responsibility to take care of. When you take up that responsibility, you start taking the initiative to always maintain good health. 

Grow Not Just for Yourself, But Even for Others

Growing and improving does make your life better, but you can do so much more. When we take into consideration the feelings of others, we start taking the initiative to do things that would benefit others as well. 

Find people to help around you, surprise your neighbors with a basket of fruits, tip the waiter a little more, engage in conversation with a stranger – there’s so much you can do to make others happy. And when you make others happy, you feel happy too. You are part of something bigger than yourself.

Take a Stroll in Nature

Part of our loneliness comes with staying indoors amongst walls. So, try taking a walk in a nearby park time and again. A study conducted showed that people who were depressed felt better and more connected when they stepped out in nature. Go out and enjoy the sight of green, the birds, and the sound of the wind rustling the leaves. 

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

You can indulge in walking meditations to be more present in nature and even interact with people who might also be taking some time to spend with nature. Prioritize this time for yourself and cut yourself off from the digital world and the small screen in your pocket.

Inculcate Self-Love

Loving yourself doesn’t mean relying only on yourself for company, rather being comfortable on your own even when there is no one to help you. Self-love will not keep you constantly happy. Rather it would provide you with the strength to be compassionate and caring to yourself, even when things go wrong. 

You can take a moment to sit down and talk to yourself and forgive yourself for mistakes you may have made. Self-love makes you a better person and a better friend for yourself. 

Life doesn’t get easy. It’s a constant rollercoaster going up and down, a catacomb of jumpscares and confusion. But it doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the journey. Find people to be around because we aren’t meant to be on our own. But when we are, we can always find a funny thing or two to smile and spread happiness.

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