Planning a family holiday is never easy. You might not want to choose a destination your kids disapprove of as it might spoil the whole holiday experience for your family. Therefore, you must select a destination with diverse tourist spots and activities. Dubai is the best option in this case. The city offers many tourist options, whether you want luxury shopping or a thrilling desert safari. You just have to know about the best places to visit in Dubai with your family, and your family will have an unforgettable holiday. 

When visiting Dubai with family for the first time, consider getting Dubai Holiday 2024 packages from the UK for a smoother experience. We are here to help you plan your day in the beautiful city. 

Best Places to Visit in Dubai with Family 

  • Legoland Dubai

Legos are the building bricks that we all are pretty aware of. We might have seen many kids obsessed with it and many adults having solid memories of Legos as their favourite toys in childhood. We cannot deny that Legos fascinate both children and adults. This is why Legoland Dubai is a must-visit place if you are in Dubai with your family. This is an amusement park which is much like Disneyland, but it is themed around Lego. 

You get everything Legos here, whether they are rides, shows, food stalls, games, and much more. It is the perfect place to visit with the kids as it will surely thrill them and make their holidays more memorable. 

  • Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is another exciting place to visit in Dubai, whether you are going with your family or not. It provides an exceptional cruising experience that might become the most memorable experience of your holidays. It thrills adults and fascinates children. You will get a view of the magnificent city you might not get any other way. So, take a ferry or a water taxi and ride on the beautiful blue waters with your family. Also, don’t forget to plan a meal on the boat for a more luxurious experience. 

Moreover, you will also get a chance to view the other spectacular tourist spots in the city. 

  • Jumeirah Beach Park

Every family wants a nice warm beach day when they are on holiday.  Once you are in Dubai, you should not miss its stunning beaches. Jumeirah Beach Park is a favourite spot for both locals and tourists if they want to have a beach day. You cannot only relax but also enjoy numerous beach activities, including beach sports, swimming, and family picnics. 

This beach park is divided into various parts. So, if you want to play beach sports like volleyball with your kids, you can go to the volleyball area. But if you want to sit down for a nice picnic, you can sit at one of the picnic benches with scenic beauty surrounding you.  

  • Burj Khalifa

It is a given that if you visit Dubai, you have to visit Burj Khalifa. It is the most popular landmark not only in the city but in the whole world. You and your kids can enjoy a breathtaking city view together and see all those stunning skyscrapers. 

You get two tour options, including At the Top or the Top Sky, for a glorious experience and a panoramic view of the magnificent Dubai.

  •  Desert Safari

In Dubai, you cannot miss the exceptional desert safari experience. You can experience the ultimate dune bashing in the golden sands of Dubai and have the unique traditional Arabian Nights experience while you are in the desert. 

Moreover, kids love to ride camels, and you can also ride camels during the desert safari. 

  •  Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are among the most magnificent suspended aquariums in the world. It is known for its massive size, thousands of marine animals, and hundreds of different species that fascinate children and adults alike. Kids will surely have a valuable experience while exploring this park. 

This massive suspended aquarium is located in the basement of Dubai Mall. So, after enjoying a luxurious shopping and dining experience, don’t forget to visit this beautiful aquarium with your kids.

Summing Up

Are you planning a family holiday in Dubai with your travel agents from UK?  If so, you might want to know about the best places to visit in Dubai with family in 2024. Many spots in this beautiful Emirati city are perfect for visiting with your family during these holidays. So, make sure that you explore other tourist spots and make the most of your time in Dubai. Don’t stick to the above tourist spots; explore other ones, too.

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