Even though wedding planning is exciting, it also involves making many important decisions that might be expensive, so it seems sensible that the process would be stressful. Ultimately, it will be well worth it, but the tension is never enjoyable. It is possible to reduce stress and safeguard your mental stability. Making a list and, of course, double-checking it seems to be helpful in the majority of situations. You can include everything you need to do to be ready for the wedding on your list but don’t forget to include items for your emotional well-being as well.


Step 1: Divide responsibilities within the list


A way to keep calm for both you and your partner is splitting the wedding planning activities into three sections: two that you lead on alone, and one set of tasks to work on jointly. This method avoids having one person do all the work and prevents anyone from being overburdened. Instead of scheduling all the enjoyable wedding duties (such as eating the wedding cake and drinking champagne) first and leaving the dull ones for last, arrange the enjoyable tasks in between the tasks. Write down everything you accomplished that day and celebrate your minor victories at the end of each day (or at least once a week).

To-do lists can make you anxious and can reduce your productivity, but ticking off that list boosts your motivation by making you feel accomplished.

Research has demonstrated the value of not just remembering it, but also writing it down. Read them and be amazed at how wonderful you are and everything that you have accomplished (however small those tasks may seem).


Step 2: Take things with ease


Even though that’s easier said than done, sometimes it’s best to step back from the task of planning and think about the future that awaits. After taking that leap of faith in your partner it’s important to have faith in the process. Many cultures include precautions in that, such as prenups or the sacred wedding ketubah for their transition into marriage. Buying a ketubah is an excellent method of relieving some of the stress associated with weddings because it adds a spiritual element and, in many cases, makes the significance of the event for which guests are gathering more tangible and meaningful.

Step 3: Take your well-deserved rest


Everything in the human body rests and repairs during sleep, and our physiology calms down. The heart rate slows, the blood pressure drops, and the tissue heals. It is also a time for us to process the events and emotions that have occurred throughout the day. Sleep enables us to heal and reset not only physically and mentally, but also emotionally. Sleep and stress have a bidirectional relationship: when we don’t get enough sleep, we struggle to manage stress, and higher levels of stress can affect the quality and duration of sleep. Lavender, passionflower, chamomile, and magnesium are herbs and nutrients that can help you sleep better. These can be taken as a supplement about an hour before bed to help you relax.


Step 4: Make sure to eat


Many brides and grooms choose to start diets as they get ready for their wedding clothes, which in hindsight is never a wise choice. Fasting alone might increase cortisol levels since going without meals is stressful. When we aren’t consuming food during a fast, our bodies must find other ways to generate energy. We usually have eight hours of energy after dinner, more or less. As soon as this is depleted, the liver starts to make glucose by using the muscle glycogen stores and then moves on to utilizing protein and fat. 




In conclusion, planning a wedding can be an exciting but stressful time, and it is essential to prioritize mental health and well-being during the process. By dividing responsibilities, taking breaks, getting enough rest, and eating well, couples can reduce stress and enjoy the wedding planning journey. Writing a list and celebrating small accomplishments along the way can also boost motivation and reduce anxiety. Ultimately, taking care of oneself during the wedding planning process can help create a happier and more fulfilling wedding experience.


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