There are many different activities that kids can take part in indoors that make them feel good and help them to stay positive. A large amount of these involves music, which is known to be a great way to boost your mood depending on what you listen to at any given time.

Most of the activities related to music help kids to learn and grow in different ways as well, encouraging them to develop different skills that will help in other areas of their lives.

Learning an Instrument

One of the most obvious activities that can be completed by kids indoors that is linked to music, is for them to learn an instrument. This can open many different doors for a child, and encourage a large variety of skills, such as their social skills because of the groups and clubs that they can join in with once they are learning. For example, by learning the violin kids can join an orchestra and interact with others who are at the same stage as themselves, which will encourage friendships to form through the shared experience.

Creating Music

A way in which music can inspire kids is by allowing their creativity to flow. This can be done in innumerable ways; one is that they can create their own lyrics from their experiences and what is happening in their lives at the time. Another is by teaching kids to produce tracks and beats either separately or as well as the lyrics. There are several different music making software available to allow kids to enjoy their time inside this way.

Just Dance Around the Room

With most upbeat melodies, people will tap their toes along or find it hard to resist moving to the beat. One way in which you can encourage your kid to have fun indoors with music is to encourage them to dance along to the song that is playing. Dance is a great way to build confidence and improve their coordination, as well as allowing serotonin to be released into the bloodstream which will automatically improve their moods. Having fun while doing physical activity will also encourage kids to continue to exercise later on in life.

Create Your Own Musical Instrument

Music can be mixed with arts and crafts by encouraging kids to find different ways to create their own instruments. For example, you could have bottles filled with different levels of colored water that they could blow across the top of to make different pitches or create a shaker using seeds/beads and an old toilet roll. This activity will encourage children to think about what household items can be used to make different instruments and how slight differences can change the sound that these instruments can create. In the end, there is the opportunity to reuse the instrument and learn about the different materials that are used to make actual instruments in comparison to what they have used.

Use Music as Background Noise

Music can influence your emotions, listening to slower or your favorite music can calm you down while more upbeat music can improve your mood and make you work faster. So, if your child is doing an indoor activity, it might be an idea to have some music in the background. Having music on at the same time that they are doing something else can help to create the atmosphere that you are trying to achieve, especially if you are wanting the children to feel calmer or happier. Imagine if you are taking a road trip abroad with your international driving permit along with your children. That’s the perfect time to play music in the background as they look at the scenery around them.


Music can help kids to stay positive through a wide variety of indoor activities at the same time as helping them develop their other skills and allowing their creativity to increase. Music is an aspect of daily life that we don’t always utilize but is definitely able to influence our moods and productivity without us even realizing it.

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