Consider all 3 steps to cover needed ground so you are prepared for a sales meeting before you even pick up the phone to make your sales call, giving you the home-court advantage.

  1. Craft a solid LinkedIn headline.
  2. Write an excellent summary.
  3. Speak to your target audience.

Craft a solid headline.

Provide Needed Information

First, you must create and maintain an account, post regular fresh content, and build engagement with prospects to develop and maintain connections.

Keep The Look and Feel Consistent Across All Channels

Whichever social profile you work on, ensure your brand logo and profile picture are consistent. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn should use the same logo to prevent confusion.

Make sure that in addition to your profile name or username, you take a step further and cover all the bases. That means a 100% complete profile.

Now we get into SEO and keywords.

Write A Great Summary

Be Certain of your Keywords and Key Phrases

Your result is creating your first and lasting Impression putting your best foot forward while being true to yourself at the same time.

Now Put It To The Test

Ask a friend or acquaintance who knows little about what you do for work. Ask them to look at your social media profiles. Next, ask them to write down the top three things that stand out to them about your profile. This should tell you whether you’re in good shape or have more work.

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