I sit and stare. Unwilling to move, I just gaze into the air. There’s nothing there. A black hole of emotion, blunted, stunted, static, drastic depths of despair, I sit and stare.

I sit and stare. Brain fog consumes my glare, hazy, crazy, glued to my chair. Still nothing there. Movement arrested, it’s deep, it seeps into the soul of me. I sit and stare.

I sit and stare. When will I move from this paralyzed nightmare? Trapped, zapped, I’ve snapped away from life, safely into my outward gaze, my safety lair, stillness in the air. I sit and stare.

Can you wake me, shake me, take me away from this daze? Stuck in the maze of my brain, no way out, can’t stand, can’t talk, give me your hand, make me walk. I just sit and stare.

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