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Painted Brain | I Have Lost Your Memory
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • January 20, 2017

I Have Lost Your Memory

By Zack M. Wise.


I walked down your complex.

I distinctly recalled your laugh.

I smelled your scent.

I lived your life.
I wrote your poems.

I wrote your lyrics.
I sang your songs.
I loved your muse.

I dreamt your dreams.

But, I am not you.


The streets are still destitute.
The quips are just as humorous.

Your aroma is ever so thick.

The life you live baffles us all.

The poetry has become meaningless.

The lyrical words do not belong to you.

Your songs have destroyed the name of music.

The muse, untamed, is forever promiscuous.

The dreams are of a visionary, none manifested otherwise.

But, I am not you.
Sweep the streets for your white gold random acts of kindness.

Forever laughing, no other medicine needed but that grin.

What a scent, for it attracts the magnet-headed beings.

A life that is full makes for digestive death.

Poetry lives, but you shan’t last years next to words.

These lyrical drafts accompany a masterful melody.

A swan song, your legacy, pines for companionship.

Promiscuous as it is, the muse is for everyone.

Dreams belong to the dreamer, but the dreamer touched my hand.

No future plans, no past regrets.

I have lost your memory.

Whose piece have I been writing?

But, I am not you.


By Zack M. Wise.
Written: March 1, 2015

To see more of his work visit his Tumblr page

Visit his Youtube Channel


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