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Painted Brain | Without A Home, Forced Detention S.a. Weisberg Mental Health
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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  • March 20, 2017

Without a Home, Forced Detention S.A. Weisberg Mental Health

There is no red-tiled Spanish roof over my head

Or white picket fence covered with purple and pink daffodils

Call it psychedelic schizophrenia, dyslexic bipolar, and black hole depression

I wander grey brownish streets homeless in my mortal madness of stark polka dots

of peculiarities.

Help you golden light shapers of sanity when you take me enshrined in the lock

down palace of miracles seeking to rise above the abyss to recovery

Oh how sweet the white light of recovery.   Yes, the freedom of some sensational

sanity embraces my troubled mind with a joyful rainbow of positive thoughts and

grounded emotions

Alas, there is a fantastic light at the end of the journey

Thanks S.A. Weisberg for allowing others to share in your poem on mental health and what this journey can feel like!

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  • Poetry

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