Hey there, it’s

Teanna Ross 

Author, Mental Health Advocate, BrandSlayer and Creative Genius.

Born and raised in Pasadena, CA, I have two beautiful children, and currently residing in the City of Los Angeles. You can find me in my community helping others, networking and connecting individuals and solution-focused organizations to increase impact. I’m excited to be a part of the Painted Brain team as the Program Coordinator/Peer Support Specialist and cannot wait to make a tangible impact during these uncertain times.

Please feel free to book a session with me and let’s discuss your most pressing issues or challenges. My goal is to connect you to resources and information that address your specific needs.

Teanna Ross


Phone: 213.588.1924 ext. 1011

Availability: Wednesdays 4:00pm – 7:00pm

My name is Krisna Weatherspoon,

Pleased to meet you. 

I’m a Peer Support Specialist, and I love helping others . I’m from California, I currently work and live in Los Angeles.

I give resources to others at any point of time when given the opportunity to . I’m more than happy to be apart of the Painted Brain team as a peer support specialist.

I’m here to help and let you know through these days you are not alone. 

Kindly feel free to book a session with me. 

This is a safe place! Let’s talk and unpack challenging times.

Krisna Weatherspoon

I’m here to help provide you with direct resources and the guidance you need.

Phone: +1 213-224-8235 ext. 1004

Availability: Monday 1pm-4pm

My name is Anne

Personal Blurb: I’m a Certified Peer Support Specialist in the state of California supporting persons living with neurodiversity, trauma, brain injury, mood disorder, personality disorder and caregiver stress.

I’m trained as a Peer Support Specialist, Mind Body Therapy Practitioner, Trauma and Relational Skills Practitioner, Crisis Counseling Provider and Transformative Movement Educator and pending certification as a Mentalization Based Treatment Practitioner.

I have lived experience with ADHD, personality disorder and domestic violence. Fun fact about me, I spend weekends at a care farm facilitating experiences with goats, sheep, alpacas, pigs and bees.

Krisna Weatherspoon

I’m here to help provide you with direct resources and the guidance you need.

Availability: I am currently not taking on any new peers but you are welcome to come to one of my groups.
Groups offered: Thriving After Trauma every Tuesday 5:30-7:00PM on and Navigating Neurodiversity every Thursday 5:30-7:00PM on