Painted Brain Community Center

Our Peer Clubhouse Model

Painted Brain is a non profit organization providing a safe community space open to all. We believe in supporting mental health and community building through arts advocacy. Our space functions as a gallery, open studio, and a common place with access to a variety of arts materials, and equipment. Our mission is also carried out through hosting events, workshops and art programming opportunities.

Henry's first solo art exhibition at the Community Center in 2019

Community Center Hours

Monday & Wednesday

11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Community meetings

Monday & Wednesday

12:30 PM – 1:00 PM

Join the Community Meetings for an opportunity to check in, meet with other community members, and discover what is happening in the Painted Brain community.

Current Art & Community Programs

Community Arts Program (CIAG)

Art and mental health programming that is designed to integrate arts, interpersonal learning, and development to underserved community members of LA County

Project New Start


A job replacement program offering mental health & legal services for the previously incarcerated

Canvas art created at the community center with layers of overlapping bright colors

Reentry Through the Arts Program (CAC)

Providing arts programming and community integration for LA County’s returned residents

Rite of Passage Exhibition attendees image opiton 1
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Short documentary interviewing artists from the first cohort of our 2022 – 2023 Community Arts Program highlighting their art and experience creating the art for the “Rite of Passage” exhibition.

Community Arts Program


Painted Brain and the Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture present the Painted Brain Community Arts Program which provides access to arts programming that promotes community-building and supports mental health to underserved communities of Los Angeles County.

This program will provide underserved artists with access to PB’s weekly open studio workshops which feature a variety of art materials, art equipment, and the opportunity to learn and practice art modalities. Selected artists will also learn how to put on an art show, art installation, creating a press kit, marketing and promoting your work. Additionally, this program will provide selected participants with the opportunity to showcase their work at one of four public art events hosted by PB.

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Project New Start – CA Reinvestment Grant

Project New Start is a job placement program that offers mental health and legal services for individuals who have experienced incarceration. Our team works together to develop an individualized plan that meets the needs of each participant in overcoming barriers to employment.

Reentry Through the Arts Program – CA Arts Council (CAC)

Painted Brain and the California Arts Council present the Reentry Through the Arts Program designed to provide access to arts programming that promotes community building, supports mental health and community integration to returned residents of Los Angeles County. This program will support 6 adult artists (2 cohorts of 3) in expanding their artistic skills and talents.

Selected artists will have access to PB’s open studio workshops with a variety of art materials and equipment that supports their medium and the opportunity to learn and practice industrial arts modalities. In addition, each Artist will have the opportunity to learn art show development and receive guidance on art show installation, marketing and showcasing the work they have created. Each cohort will culminate with a public arts event featuring art developed and curated by the Artists. Our art events will focus on utilizing the arts for healing, community integration, and skill building.


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Community Room /group room

Our third room where group activities, workshops and art initiatives are held.

Community Center (LAB) Resources


Our workshop room which holds majority of our industrial arts equipment including computers, 3-D printer, heat press, vinyl printer and more.


Our open gallery space where we display our latest art exhibitions. This space also functions as a workspace, where we host our community meetings, and events


Rite of Passage Exhibition

Painted Brain hosted an interactive art exhibition Friday October 28th titled Rite of Passage. This exhibition highlighted the works of their first cohort for the PB Community Arts Program which provides a residency for artists from underserved communities in Los Angeles. 

Rite of Passage Exhibition artists posing against an art gallery wall

These artists included Richard McKinley, Shawna Wiggins, Lucien Lee and a collective installation by Kevin Ly & Tania Torres.

This showcase used art to speak on global cultures coming of age and how that process to adulthood forms one’s self identity. Each artist took their own approach and direction to express this ideal.

For the next month, you can still come view and interact with this exhibition at the Painted Brain Community Center. For more information on these artists and our community arts programs please visit, and follow us @thepaintedbrain.

Rite of Passage Exhibition attendees image opiton 2


What is the Painted Brain community?

Painted Brain’s community includes members with lived experiences with mental health challenges. We exist to provide a safe space for social interaction through the arts, workforce development training, and support. Our community encourages leadership and creativity.

Who runs Painted Brain’s community?

Painted Brain is a peer-run organization that hires and includes individuals with lived experiences with mental health at all levels of the organization. The community center has the support and presence of peer leaders, social work and occupational therapy staff, and interns providing activities and individualized support to motivated community members./p>

How do I become a part of the Painted Brain community?

Painted Brain’s community center is open to community members on a walk-in basis. Monday and Wednesday, 11 am – 3 pm. Those seeking to get involved can also join our Community Meeting’s Monday and Wednesday 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm. The meeting will provide information about the community and activities and the opportunity to discuss participant opportunities and challenges.

Why do we need the Painted Brain community?

Painted Brain began as a response to unmet social interaction needs throughout the mental health system. Mental illness significantly impacts social communication. Our ability to get our needs met depends mainly on our social skills. Painted Brain develops programming that promotes social interaction through the arts and workforce development in a safe environment. We need a place where people with extreme emotions and intense, non-typical mental experiences can come together and make something happen. We hope that Painted Brain is that place. Our potential is limitless.

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