We envision the Los Angeles treatment centers for mental health and substance abuse, to incentivize recovery for clients through the integration of a purpose-driven peer model focused on the pedagogy of tech and job placement.


Most recovery facilities don’t have the capacity to individualize clinical support and provide practical skills training workshops. Individuals lacking motivation, capacity, or the understanding of their full potential have a harder time being adherent with services and medication.


Through our curriculum and peer coding group leaders we train participants in the latest mobile and web application development technologies in languages such as HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, Java, Python, C#, and Frameworks and Content Management Systems including React Native, Bootstrap, Android Studio, and WordPress. Members acquiring new skills and purpose tend to socialize more and show compliance toward clinical support.


Like most popular apps and smartphones; updating and upgrading is a must and to reflect that practice is to show the scalability in its program development, target market, and benchmarks. When you look at the existing recovery models across the Los Angeles region, you’ll notice the majority of them haven’t updated their programs’ operational framework since it first opened its doors, giving you the same results; ergo ten-year-old statistics remain to be on a downward slope with an increase of homeless youth, incarceration, and mental health challenges. We couldn’t agree with this statement when applying it to the app markets of tech; statistics vary and fluctuate on a weekly to monthly basis. If we are adamant of updating our apps, why wouldn’t we be adamant of updating our justice system, recovery model, and internal programming?


Is your organization interested in having our peer group leaders run coding workshops at your wellness center or housing facility? Contact us at hello@codiepie.com or simply click here. Please specify how many groups you’d like us to run per week or month in the message field.

Originally published at https://www.codiepie.com/the-pie/coding-for-mental-health/

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