Painted Brain Calendar September 2023
September 2023 calendar descriptions

More About The Groups

Learning to Paint – Expressing Your Creativity:

A safe space to create and discuss art expressions. This is a virtual group that will explore the history and different studio techniques of watercolor.

Parent Support Groups

(offered in English and Spanish):

Peer-led support groups for individuals and family members of those living with mental illness. A safe space for parents to have discussions about their mental health and their experiences with parenthood, mental illness, and trauma.

Thriving After Trauma Support Group:

Topic-based support group for individuals who identify as trauma survivors who want to thrive.

Story Sharing and Support Workshop:

Develop mindful writing, listening, and learning skills through the art of storytelling/

Navigating Neurodiversity:

A topic-based support group for those who identify as neurodivergent. Discuss how neurodiversity affects various aspects of your life.

Release, Relax, Receive Workshop:

A safe space for the community to use meditation as a resource for relaxation and receiving.

Bonfire Festival:

Friends singing, chatting, and listening to music. Let’s relax together for the day by signing in a relaxed and happy virtual atmosphere.

Play and Heal Workshop:

Engage in some games and get in touch with your inner child.

Art in Public Places Workshop:

An in-person and virtual workshop that will discuss the different forms of public art and the importance it carries within the community and the people within the community.

Let’s Talk About What a Healthy Relationship Is:

A space for us to explore, learn, and share how to form healthy relationships with ourselves and with others.

Creative Writing Workshop:

An inclusive space for current and potential creative writers to heal, commune, and use their creative gifts to make a difference in their local communities.


Create a cheerful vibe for people to hang out, relax, play games, sing, and share music.

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