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Before it had a name, it was a community of artists, activists, and survivors of mental health challenges. In June of 2004, Lawrence Rozner and several early members inspired a movement for change in the mental health community that would later be called, Painted Brain. Lawrence lives with Asperger’s syndrome and was one of the original members that helped individuals understand his mental health conditions through his comic series using the DSM IV Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis. Through his cartoons, work with the Painted Brain Magazine, views on politics, mental health, and current events, and advocating through Painted Brain’s Speakers’ Bureau, he challenged the mainstream media misconceptions on mental illness and neurological conditions; empowering the community and thousands of peers nationally and abroad.

Painted Brain’s first mission statement “Changing the conversation about mental illness through the voices of our community.”, originated through the benevolent friendship between Lawrence and Dave Leon, one of the founders of Painted Brain. The creation of Painted Brain was in response to seeing how the deinstitutionalization of the 1970s indirectly placed Lawrence and others into a silo; further dividing them from having a community and increasing the societal stigma and isolation.

Since 2004, Painted Brain has been supporting Lawrence and thousands of others to showcase their talents, learn new skills, share their stories, and connect with like-minded individuals; while amplifying their voice and stance on mental health. Lawrence’s work has helped catapult Painted Brain’s evolvement to become one of the most influential media outreach organizations in the world; changing the way people view mental health. Currently, Lawrence is heavily involved in brand development, creates marketing materials and content for social media, and the website.

To view work from Lawrence (Larry) Rozner, visit – https://paintedbrain.org/larrys-brain.