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Painted Brain | Allison Peters
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Allison Peters

Development Coordinator
They May Be
Writer, Co-Director & Producer

Allison is originally from St.Louis, Missouri and currently lives in Los Angeles, With a background in child development and non- profit development, Allison holds a B.S. from Iowa State University in Child and family services. Allison Also holds Masters degree in social work from the University of Southern California with a focus on social change and, innovation. Allison currently works as an art group facilitator and development associate for Painted Brain.

This project hits my heart hard.

Trauma is one is one of the biggest factor’s that has to do with individuals being diagnosed with mental health issues. It’s our body way of adapting to a threat, just like when we get and common illness such as the flu. Our circulatory system is sent into overdrive, our heart pounds, and our brain starts producing adrenaline. It is this constant state of fight or flight that throws our body into disarray. Over time it surfaces as new symptoms, for me its extreme anxiety and depression.

Everyone’s trauma story is different.

Up until right around a year ago I was too afraid of what it meant to be medicated and have a mental health diagnosis. As a social worker, I thought it was my demise. That I would become triggered by the simplest thing and I need to get away from mental health because of my own challenges. I stumbled on this musician singing the dark things going on in my head. Isolation, self-hate, self-doubt, and acceptance. I thought why do I feel sooo wrong? Why am I giving into stigma? How can I make my own changes for myself to feel better? What can I do to impact others?

Right now I am at this point in my own mental health journey that I am setting boundaries to try to focus on my own wellness and less on hers. I am a depressed and anxious person who will never be good enough for herself. With the help of one on one therapy, medication, DBT group therapy, and a super supportive workplace I am walking the path. We’ll see where it takes me.