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Painted Brain | Jesus Mathias
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Jesus Mathias

Services Coordinator

Jesus is a Painted Brain Member Services Coordinator. Jesus has been with Painted Brain for about 6 years. What Jesus does at Painted Brain is help members 1 Welcome members, 2 Is a guide to the P.B current space, 3 Helps members engage in art activity, 4 Helps by leading groups around the community, 5 Assists others with Mental and Physical help or as in a One-On-One basis helping members.

I started as being a group member. Then was invited to the Painted Brain community and liked it kept on participating which lead to the opportunity to run and teach others what i know. Calligraphy is what he knows and now teaches.
I Jesus see a vision. Now it might take more than a year or might not, who knows? The vision is Painted Brain Enterprise. Now this vision is / will be a huge step for P.B in the future but this was just a thought one day members teaching members.