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Painted Brain | Kevin Manh
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Kevin Manh

They May Be
Co-Director, Writer & Editor

Kevin Trung Mahn is a filmmaker based out of California. His works include narrative, documentary, experimental, and music video. He is a graduate of the University of California, Riverside Class of 2013 with a BA in Media and Cultural Studies.
He also is a co-founder of a college art collective known as SupMahn, which aims to mix the arts and philanthropy. In the summer of 2018, SupMahn collaborated with the non-profit ETA4 to bring college activities to a free English teaching program in Vietnam to over 1000 students.

He is a former dancer of the dance company Academy of Villains, where he has performed as a dancer on live shows including at Knott’s Berry Farm. He continues his work with Academy of Villains in production as a stage designer and art director for shows including Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Night and Great America.
As a filmmaker, his main goal is to bring as many cultures and identities together. Using film as a universal language, he hopes to create a platform to have all these identities represented to the masses. Aside from that, he hopes to share his own identity as a first-generation Vietnamese-American whose parents are refugees of the Vietnam War.

Kevin became involved with this documentary out of curiosity, as mental health has become more of a topic of discussion around him. He wanted to use They May Be as a tool to educate himself on mental health and in turn, create the experiences for the audience to understand the symptoms of mental health. As Kevin continues his film career, he will use the experience of making this documentary as a way to further spread awareness of mental health by writing in characters who experience mental health. By doing so, he hopes to, as put by Elyn Saks, “[fight] stigmas and prejudices” against mental health.