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Painted Brain | Tamara De Angelis
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Tamara De Angelis

Intern - Project Manager

How I heard about Painted Brain:

I found painted Brain through my California State University Northridge internship program while earning my MSW.

What my thoughts are about mental health:

I personally strive to maintain a my mental health; some days are easier than others. My time at Painted Brain has taught me that people with mental illness are no different than I am. We all face degrees of depression, anxiety and feelings of not fitting in.

My goals here at the Painted Brain:

I am committed to leaving Painted Brain better off than it was before I got here.

How Painted Brain has contributed to my growth:

I look at myself on a deeper level and I pay closer attention to the way I interact with people.

How Painted Brain can improve:

I would like to see Painted Brain expand its reach in the community.